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Air Pollution Reaches High Levels Across LondonAir Pollution Reaches High Levels Across LondonAir Pollution Reaches High Levels Across London

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UK braces for High Air Pollution Today Caused by Sahara Sand

UK braces for High Air Pollution Today Caused by Sahara Sand
People living in parts of England get warned by government of very high air pollution levels caused by Sahara sand.
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'32 die from air pollution each year' (£)

Source: Greenock Telegraph

Air Pollution Reaches High Levels Across London
AIR pollution killed more than 30 people in Inverclyde in just one year, experts have claimed. ...
Full article at: Greenock Telegraph 5 hours ago

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Air pollution link to 59 West Berkshire deaths in 2010

Source: Newsbury News Today

FIFTY-NINE deaths in West Berkshire in 2010 could have been linked to air pollution levels locally, new research released this week has suggested. Public Health England has issued estimates of the number of people who die in different local authorities owing to long-term exposure to man-made particulate air pollution (PM2.5). For West Berkshire, it estimated that it contributed to 5.5 per cent of the 1,074 deaths of those aged over 25 in that year. Authors of the study said peopl ...
Full article at: Newsbury News Today 10 hours ago

Fossil Fuels Driving Global Weather

Source: The Huffington Post

Atmospheric scientists have discovered there is so much toxic Asian air pollution from burning fossil fuels that it's now changing global weather patterns. Are you concerned about the immense pollution being belched into our atmosphere? How are smelting iron ore and baking limestone affecting the air that we breathe? Join Earth Dr Reese Halter in this segment of SOS and discover how fossil fuels are killing people an ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post 16 hours ago, 6:34pm CDT

A Report With Slightly Encouraging Environmental Implications

Source: The Atlantic

In the current issue, I have a brief story based on an interview with Steven Chu and Yi Cui, now both of Stanford, about advances in the seemingly boring but actually exciting world of battery technology, and why that is essential to lower-carbon, cleaner-fuel power systems.  The discouraging signals in the race for less destructive paths toward growth keep piling up. For instance, the recent charts about air pollution in China* ...
Full article at: The Atlantic 18 hours ago, 5:00pm CDT

How race can affect the very air you breathe

Source: MSNBC

Air Pollution Reaches High Levels Across London
One study has found that on average across the country, people of color are living in neighborhoods with 38% more air pollution than in neighborhoods ...
Full article at: MSNBC 22 hours ago, 12:15pm CDT

Is EPA Panicking over Pending GHG Regulations for Coal-Fired Power Plants?


Evidence is mounting that the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations for coal-fired power plants are in disarray. The agency is working on two separate rules: (1) the Carbon Pollution Standard for new coal-fired power plants and (2) Clean Air Act section 111(d) “guidelines” for existing coal-fired power plants. The Carbon Pollution Standard was proposed in January, and would effectively ban the construction of new coal-fired p ...
Full article at: 2 days ago, 10:58am CDT

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Toronto medical health officer proposes ways to improve air quality

Source: Toronto Star

Opening For 40x40 Rock Photo Exhibit
A cut in air pollution has reduced premature deaths and hospitalizations but more must be done, says Dr. David ...
Full article at: Toronto Star 2 days ago, 7:29pm CDT

D.C. pollen count well below average heading into Easter weekend


"Married To Medicine" Season 2 Premiere
Susan Kosisky, who is the Chief Microbiologist at the US Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab here in the D.C. area supplies the region with the daily pollen counts. So far this year, pollen counts have been well below average because of the cooler than average weather. With temperatures in the 70s and 80s just last week from the 10th through the 15th of April, tree pollen started to spike. The highest tree pollen count ...
Full article at: 2 days ago, 2:05pm CDT

Ozone Smog Review

Ozone Smog Review
Digital Trends published a Ozone Smog Review Quote from review: "Is there any less appropriate name for a product in...
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