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New Android Malware on Play Store

New Android Malware on Play Store
The malware has the ability to turn mobile Android devices into currency miners without the knowledge of the users
Read more Mar 27 2014, 12:37pm CDT


How to install incompatible applications to your Android device?

How to install incompatible applications to your Android device?
Have you ever found an application in your app store that you feel it will suit your needs and after downloading it you get the error message “your device is not compatible with this application”?
Read more Mar 25 2014, 4:47pm CDT

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Easily Manage Your Android Device with MoboRobo

Source: Make Tech Easier

Alibaba To Kick Off IPO In U.S.
There are tons of Android apps that allow you to manage your phone and back up your data to the cloud; however, if you still prefer the old school way of syncing your phone to your computer, then MoboRobo could be a useful app for you.What Is MoboRobo?MoboRobo is an Android Manager for your PC (Windows only) that lets you manage all the things you have on your device right from your computer. It comes with a number of features pre-installed. From managing texts to backing up your d ...
Full article at: Make Tech Easier 5 hours ago

Top 5 Music apps on Google Playstore

Top 5 Music apps on Google Playstore
Music for decades has been termed as food for the soul. This has never changed. Through successful innovations, music has been able to land on the mobile devices not as polyphonic tunes but actual music – the kinds that can be obtained from the internet since most of the today gadgets can access the internet for almost a free price.
Read more Mar 16 2014, 4:38pm CDT

The Trust Gap: Heartbleed, Virus Shield, and the Growing Challenge for Android App Developers

Source: The Huffington Post

Recently I was speaking on a panel at an app developer event, when the moderator asked us why most app developers continue to develop apps for iOS first (or sometimes exclusively) despite the fact that Android has a far larger market share and expects to expand the gap with iOS over the coming years. In my experience, the question has a very simple answer: iOS remains the most profitable ecosystem for app developers. Despite Google's widening lead in device sales and inst ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post 2 days ago, 8:12pm CDT

Android users at risk of Heartbleed bug

Source: MyFox 8 WGHO

Roger Dubuis Event During The SIHH 2014
Even if you have changed all your passwords over the Heartbleed virus, you may still be at risk if you use an Android device, according to the Huffington Post. Marc Rogers, a security expert at the mobile security firm Lookout, told Huffington Post that numerous devices using older versions of Google’s Android operating system may be at risk of the high-profile bug. Rogers said people using Android version 4.1.1 should avoid sensitive tran ...
Full article at: MyFox 8 WGHO 4 days ago, 8:27pm CDT

Maximizing the Use of your Android Phone

Maximizing the Use of your Android Phone
The term android refers to the OS or operating system that a device is using. It is based on Linux kernel and basically used in touch screen phones and tablets.
Read more Mar 4 2014, 8:32am CST

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Customized gold iPhones given away as wedding favors
Customized gold iPhones given away as wedding favors
President of Nigeria had his daughter’s wedding and each guests received a gold iPhone as wedding favor
Leaked images show off OnePlus One, StyleSwap covers too
Leaked images show off OnePlus One, StyleSwap covers too
The handset has a minimalistic design approach which falls perfectly in sync with the typical Oppo style
Rufus Cuff seems too big to be a wristwatch wearable
Rufus Cuff seems too big to be a wearable
Once connected, it can be used for mobile data, making calls and sending texts

Google to release Verify Apps security update to Android

Source: Cool Smart Phone

Android if full of malware and viruses isn’t it? Well no, not unless you believe the hype. Yes the Android operating system has its weaknesses, but as long as you’re careful and not go around side-loading apps from the less desirable sites things should be OK. This is where Apple has the big advantage: the app store is well curated and malware struggles to get through. Google has been fighting back with Verify Apps. Today Google has ann ...
Full article at: Cool Smart Phone Apr 12 2014, 1:37pm CDT

This Free App Will Verify If Your Android Phone Is Vulnerable To The Heartbleed Bug

Source: The Business Insider

Security company Lookout has released a free app called Heartbleed Detector to help verify if your Android device is at risk. As we previously reported, the bug is not affecting most devices, however, Google admitted that devices running Android 4.1.1, otherwise known as Jelly Bean, can be at risk.  Google says that it has released a patch for its Android partners, but as CNET notes, we still need to wait for the partners to implement the patch, and then we have to wait for carriers to test ...
Full article at: The Business Insider Apr 11 2014, 7:02pm CDT

Top 5 photography apps for Android

Top 5 photography apps for Android
Photography, with time, has been the best thing ever used to capture moments in a lifetime. The ability to capture moments is always fascinating and will never run out of trend.
Read more Mar 2 2014, 4:30pm CST


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