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Atlantic Ocean

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Miss America Nina Davuluri Take A Dip In The Atlantic Ocean After Being Crowned Miss America 2014Miss America Nina Davuluri Take A Dip In The Atlantic Ocean After Being Crowned Miss America 2014Miss America Nina Davuluri Take A Dip In The Atlantic Ocean After Being Crowned Miss America 2014

Missing Jet Black Box Batteries are Fading

Missing Jet Black Box Batteries are Fading
With a dearth of new pings and the batteries driving the two black boxes’ signal beacons inevitably fading, the search...
Read more Apr 13 2014, 1:45pm CDT

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Austin May be Booming, but Blacks Moving Out of City, According to Report

Source: EURweb

*(Via NY Times) – When Natalie Madeira Cofield walks among the local boutiques and cafes in her South Congress Avenue neighborhood in Austin (Texas), she likes to take note of the other African-Americans she sees. “If I get past 10, I’m like, ‘Wow, there are a lot of black ...
Full article at: EURweb 5 hours ago

The Origin Of The Iceberg that Sank the Titanic

Revealed: The Origin Of The Titanic's Iceberg
The iceberg that sank the “unsinkable” RMS Titanic started its fateful journey with a period of unusually warm, wet...
Read more Apr 10 2014, 8:57am CDT

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McCormick Bridgehouse Museum: A Bird’s Eye View Of Chicago’s Bridges, River

Source: CBS Chicago

James McCormick Guilty Of Selling Fake Bomb Detectors
By John Dodge CHICAGO (CBS) — To tell the story of the Chicago River and the city’s bridges, what better place than inside one of the bridges? Thousands of people pass over the Michigan Avenue bridge each day, and many don’t even realize that are walking right past a museum. Since 2006, the McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum has been basically hiding in plain sight. Visitors have to look down to see the entrance ...
Full article at: CBS Chicago 18 hours ago, 1:42pm CDT

Navy Jet Crash Pilot Rescued

Navy Jet Crash Pilot Rescued
A Navy jet crashed off the coast of the state of Virginia recently. The pilot used the ejector seat and was rescued later on by a passing fisherman. He is currently in critical condition at a nearby hospital.
Read more Jan 16 2014, 3:43am CST

Floyd Mayweather Is Selling His Miami Oceanfront Condo For $2.6 Million

Source: SportsGrid

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Marcos Maidana - Press Tour
If you’re the kind of guy who wants Floyd Mayweather’s sloppy seconds, you might be T.I. You might also be interested in buying Mayweather’s insane $2.6 million condo in Miami, which he’s selling because it’s now too small for his four kids. Right on the Atlantic Ocean, the 3,000 square foot condo has four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, 360-degree views, marble floors and “caterer-quality appliances.” If you do buy it, we recommend having Ma ...
Full article at: SportsGrid 22 hours ago, 9:37am CDT

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Leah Rimini Attacks Jennifer Lopez
Leah Rimini Attacks Jennifer Lopez
This is hilarious. Watch Leah Rimini attacking Jennifer Lopez while on vacation.
Robert Downey Jr. Again Tops Forbes' List Of Highest Earning Actors
Robert Downey Jr. Again Tops Forbes' List Of Highest Earning Actors
Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. maintained his top position on the Forbes' list Of 2014's highest earning actors with $75 million. Amazingly, Downey earns this whooping amount without starring in any movies this year.
Twickets App Review
Twickets App Review
Twickets is a UK-based service that allows individuals who no longer require the ticket of a certain event to connect with any person who needs it. Instead of getting rid of the ticket, Twicket can find you a suitable buyer.

Juan Roman Riquelme and 5 Returning Argentine Heroes

Source: Bleacher Report

Juan Roman Riquelme of Argentina's Boca
The reception Juan Roman Riquelme received on Sunday afternoon as he finally returned to the club that moulded him into one of the greatest playmaking talents of the modern era was moving in the extreme. As reported in the Buenos Aires Herald, the 35-year-old signed an 18-month deal with Argentinos Juniors and will try to save the club from the ignominy of the Nacional B.  Riquelme began his career in Argentinos' famed academy, before leaving at just 18 ...
Full article at: Bleacher Report 23 hours ago, 8:04am CDT

Missing Frenchman's body found off Jersey shore


ISLAND BEACH STATE PARK, New Jersey (AP) — Authorities say a body found in waters off the Jersey Shore has been identified as that of a Frenchman who disappeared while trying to swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Nicolas Guilhot of Lyon, France, was swimming with friends off Island Beach State Park late Friday morning when he began ...
Full article at: 1 day ago, 7:12pm CDT

Lionfish Invasion Haunts Atlantic Ocean

Lionfish Invasion Haunts Atlantic Ocean
An invasion of Lionfish is haunting the Atlantic Ocean. These aggressive and poisonous Lionfish have no other marine life that preys on them. This of course has caused a problem since they consume most of the life forms around coral reefs.
Read more Oct 21 2013, 3:10am CDT


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