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BAE Systems

Breaking News about BAE Systems:

US Army to get Humvee Replacement from BAE Systems?

US Army to get Humvee Replacement from BAE Systems?
The U.S. Army seems to be looking into replacing the Humvee combat vehicles with a new generation. A concept by BAE...
Read more Mar 27 2008, 2:23am CDT

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Leyland Trucks showcases its plant to British and German apprentices

Source: Cision Wire

[image] Leyland Trucks, one of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies, is proud to have been able to showcase its British production facilities in Leyland, Lancashire to 23 apprentices, including 12 on an exchange visit from Germany, and 11 British students from BAE Systems. During their visit the group took part in an open Q&A session with Leyland design engineers.  This was followed by a 3D CAD demonstration o ...
Full article at: Cision Wire Jul 18 2014, 4:48am CDT

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The 'virtual reality' fighter pilot helmet that can see in the dark - and knows exactly where its wearer is looking

Source: Daily Mail

BAE Systems Strike II helmet-mounted display, unveiled at the Farnborough Air Show, boasts everything from a wraparound HD display in its visor to a built in night vision system. ...
Full article at: Daily Mail Jul 17 2014, 7:08pm CDT

New fighter pilot helmet delivers night vision without goggles

Source: Engadget

Fighter pilots have access to helmets with amazing abilities. However, they still have to strap on night heavy vision goggles to fly in the dark -- an all too literal pain in the neck. Much to aircrews' relief, BAE Sy ...
Full article at: Engadget Jul 16 2014, 9:05pm CDT

Walt Rubel Militarization of police gives a whole new meaning to war on drugs

Source: Albequerque Express

The Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicle (MRAP), valued at $658,000, is designed to allow U.S. troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan to survive ambushes and attacks ...
Full article at: Albequerque Express Jul 13 2014, 2:09am CDT

Ky. sheriff has obtained many pieces of surplus military equipment

Source: Stars and Stripes

Through the military surplus program, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department has obtained roughly $1 million in equipment for the county, including Humvees, a bucket truck and a mine-resistant, ambush prot ...
Full article at: Stars and Stripes Jul 11 2014, 12:20pm CDT

Law enforcement and industry combine to prevent Shylock taking its pound of flesh

Source: BetaNews

An international operation involving law enforcement and private sector organizations has been set up to combat the Shylock banking trojan. Shylock, which gets its name because the code contains lines from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, is thought to have infected at least 30,000 Windows computers worldwide. To date Shylock has targeted the UK more than any other nation so the country's National ...
Full article at: BetaNews Jul 11 2014, 5:27am CDT

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Real-Life Transformers, Self-Healing Drones

Source: Roll Call

BAE Systems has released a series of concept videos -- compiled into one above -- on the future of military aircra ...
Full article at: Roll Call Jul 7 2014, 5:03pm CDT

Mass strike threatens to cripple S Africa engineering sector

Source: Channel News Asia

JOHANNESBURG: Nearly a quarter of a million members of South Africa's largest union downed tools on Tuesday, beginning an indefinite strike that threatens to bring the engineering sector to a halt.Members of the National Union of Metalworkers marched in cities across the country, demanding a pay rise of up to 12 percent and better working conditions. Members of the South African Union of National M ...
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Environmentally Friendly Bullets

Environmentally Friendly Bullets
The Times reports that BAE Systems plans to offer environmentally friendly bullets and weapon systems. We are looking...
Read more Sep 18 2006, 2:21pm CDT


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