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Revelers Gather For The Annual Beehive Rocket FestivalRevelers Gather For The Annual Beehive Rocket FestivalRevelers Gather For The Annual Beehive Rocket Festival

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Inflatable Wigs: Yes, They're Real

Inflatable Wigs: Yes, They're Real
Sure, you could spend years of your life carefully crafting an elaborate hairstyle, guaranteed to excite all around you...
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Beekeepers need to watch out for disease in the hive

Source: Impartial Reporter

Queen Sofia of Spain Visits Donana National Park
The danger period for bee colony demise has now passed and beekeepers with colonies alive now can nurture them and build them into full production, according to Ethel Irvine, in her April report fr ...
Full article at: Impartial Reporter 4 hours ago

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Honeybees Check Into Three Portland Hotels

Source: Green Lodging News

PORTLAND, ORE.—Provenance Hotels announced a partnership with Bee Local that will bring local artisan honey, a uniquely Portland culinary experience, to guests of the company’s three properties in the city—Hotel Lucia, Hotel deluxe and Sentinel—and help ensure its sustainability for years to come. This month, the hyper-local Portland honey producer will install beehives on the roofs of Hotel Lucia, Hotel deLuxe and Sentinel and make its honey available in honor bars at all three downtown h ...
Full article at: Green Lodging News 3 days ago, 3:39pm CDT

Honey bees at home with beehives in concrete jungle

Source: The Borneo Post

16 beehives reach greater heights at the east wing of the State Office Complex in Jalan Bleteh.KAPIT: Breaking the norm of its natural habitat on branches of tall (tapang) trees in the jungle and in the secondary and primary forest, wild honey bees locally known as ‘manyie’, have adapted to changes in ecology and the environment by building its beehives at alternative sites such as high-rise buildings in urban areas.Perhaps, human encroachment on its natural habit ...
Full article at: The Borneo Post 6 days ago, 1:57pm CDT

Beekeeper Promotes Honey Business By Wearing 45kg Live 'Bee Dress' (PICTURES)

Source: The Huffington Post: UK Edition

What’s a beekeeper got to do to get some attention around here? Try wearing a “bee dress” – consisting of around 456,500 of the blighters. That’s what She Ping did to get his livelihood into the press, and as you can see…it worked very well. She Ping unsurprisingly found the experience 'hot, suffocating and nervous' The 34-year-old from China’s Chongqing donned the 45.65kg living garment wh ...
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Ronnie Spectors Beyond the Beehive

Source: Metro- New York

Ronnie Spectors Beyond the Beehive ‘Beyond the Beehive’ tells Ronnie’s unique journey in picture, video and song,  from Spanish Harlem to the Peppermint Lounge to Beverly Hills, from hit records to hit men, to eventually being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Beyond The Beehive tells the story of how Ronnie Spector transformed herself from victim to the ultimate Rock and Roll Survivor. Only ...
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Measure of emergence through smugness and faith

Source: Electronics Design, Strategy, News

Zoological Park of Paris Due To Reopen On April 12, 2014 : Press Preview
From bee hives to consciousness, emergence seems like magic, but if you apply serious computing power, you can make s ...
Full article at: Electronics Design, Strategy, News Apr 9 2014, 4:15pm CDT

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Up to One-Third of Honeybee Colonies Dies per Year in Europe

Source: Scientific American

Survey finds beehives died off at higher rates in north of continent.  -- Read more on Scientifi ...
Full article at: Scientific American Apr 9 2014, 2:50pm CDT

My South Austin Backyard Bees in Slow Motion

Source: Austin Post

I took some slow motion videos of my South Austin backyard beehive last week and was pleasantly surprised by the results. The first is of the front of the hive, the second is taken up-close using a ...
Full article at: Austin Post Apr 9 2014, 12:09pm CDT

More than 500 attend Spring Career Fair at Bee Hive Gym

Source: Ventura County Star

62 companies send human resources personnel ...
Full article at: Ventura County Star Apr 8 2014, 1:26pm CDT


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