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Brain Size Is Important For Scoring At Video Games

Brain Size Is Important For Scoring At Video Games
According to a new scientific report researchers can predict your performance on a video game simply by measuring the...
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Why did Boeing choose to move Ventures to @4240?

Source: St. Louis Business Journal

Columbus Blue Jackets v San Jose Sharks
Boeing’s  decision to move its startup discovery unit, Ventures, to the @4240 building in the Cortex marks a significant milestone for the 200-acre innovation district in Midtown. Essentially, it’s a stamp of approval from the corporate world, said Cortex Chairman John Dubinsky. “Boeing is one of the leading corporate citizens in the world and I think one of the things it means is that Boeing believes Cortex is the place to be for people focused on innovation and entrepreneurship,” h ...
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PET Scan May be Useful for Diagnosis and Treatment of CFS/ME

Source: EmpowHer

CFS/ME, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating, life-altering condition that affects many Americans. People with CFS/ME often have no medical help or treatment due to the lack of research and information available up to this time. CFS/ME renders many of its sufferers chronically housebound and often bed-bound due to the multitude of severe symptoms they contend with. According to an April 4, 2014 arti ...
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Cortex seeking developer for residential project

Source: St. Louis Business Journal

Factory Berlin Promotes Business Start-Ups
Cortex is seeking a developer for a mid-rise residential building to be constructed just west of the Ikea site. Cortex has issued a request for proposals for the project, with a May 1 deadline, the  St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. According to the RFP, the selected developer for the project, which Cortex has dubbed the Silo Lofts, will receive a 65-year ground lease on the 3.6-acre site at Forest Park Avenue and Sarah St ...
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Micrium adds ARMv8, Cortex-A50 RTOS support

Source: Electronics Design, Strategy, News

Bill Gates Introduces Microsofts Mobile 5.0 Software
Micrium's uC/OS-II and uC/OS-III now both support the ARMv8 architecture found in the Cortex- ...
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Ellison tapped for director position at Cortex

Source: St. Louis Business Journal

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
For the better part of the past decade, Cortex officials have laid the groundwork for the 200-acre area in Midtown to become an innovation district by developing real estate. Now that the district is home to hundreds of entrepreneurs — with more on the way — it’s made a new hire to support those startup founders. Phyllis Ellison, the former executive director at Innovate VMS (IVMS), is now the director of entrepreneur services and institutional and corporate partnerships at ...
Full article at: St. Louis Business Journal Apr 8 2014, 11:31am CDT

Why You Should Donate Your Brain to Science

Source: Big Think

"Married To Medicine" Season 2 Premiere
Autism researchers recently made a major discovery. They found that the cerebral cortex wasn't neatly layered in the brain tissue of autistic children like it is in the brains of non-autistic children. These findings could be significant, but of course the research must be ...
Full article at: Big Think Apr 7 2014, 5:16pm CDT

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Avril Lavigne Presents Hello Kitty Music Video
Avril Lavigne Presents Hello Kitty Music Video
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In-store iPad trade-in program launched by Apple on Earth Day
You can now trade in your 'eligible' iPhone and use the credit for purchase of an iPad
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Resting-state functional connection during low back pain

Source: EurekaAlert

The default mode network is a key area in the resting state, involving the posterior cingulate cortex, precuneus, medial prefrontal and lateral temporal cortices, and is characterized by balanced positive and negative connections classified as the 'hubs' ...
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Scientists Just Released A Set Of Fascinating New Brain Maps [IMAGES]

Source: The Business Insider

Scientists at Seattle's Allen Institute for Brain Science have completed the first comprehensive map of a mammalian brain, they announced on Apr. 2 in the journal Nature Neuroscience. The map details the connections between brain cells called neurons in the mouse, which has about 71 million of them. To create it, researchers injected a virus engineered to be green and fluorescent into a particular region of a living mouse brain. The virus infects the neurons near the ...
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Sony files Patent for Brain Interface

Sony files Patent for Brain Interface
A Sony scientist filed a patent for brain interface that uses ultrasound to create sensory experiences - This stuff is...
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