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Funeral Held For NYPD Officer Injured While Investigating Fire In High RiseFuneral Held For NYPD Officer Injured While Investigating Fire In High RiseFuneral Held For NYPD Officer Injured While Investigating Fire In High Rise

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iConfess: Catholics Embrace App-Based Confession, What Comes Next?

iConfess: Catholics Embrace App-Based Confession, What Comes Next?
Next thing you know they'll be faxing communion wafers.
Read more Feb 8 2011, 11:50am CST


Guess the celeb hunks named on Lindsay Lohan's list of lovers, as actress makes conquests confession

Source: 3am: Gossip Gone Toxic

FLAUNT Magazine & Siwy Present Virgin Sacrifices, With Performances By Soko, The Wow, And Very Special Guests In Coachella, CA
Some of the names have been kept secret for legal reasons, but how many of these alleged conquests c ...
Full article at: 3am: Gossip Gone Toxic 1 day ago, 4:25am CDT

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Judge rules Dominick confession can be used in Bonacci homicide trial

Source: Scranton Times-Tribune

Variety Achievement In International Television Award 2014
Bonacci murder suspect Jason Dominick wanted to keep testimony out; judge also says two men will be tried together.The confession is in and separate trials are out.The ruling, issued Thursday in the Frank Bonacci homicide case, is a signif ...
Full article at: Scranton Times-Tribune 1 day ago, 11:00pm CDT

Rajdeep Sardesai's blog: Vote with clarity and purpose, and make it count

Source: Cricketnext

Christian Sprenger Portrait Session
A vote is meant to be a secret ballot, but here is an honest confession: last Thursday, as I entered the ...
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Murder suspect in San Mateo shooting dies: Case against Gregory Elarms dropped after judge tossed confession, appeal ruling was pending

Source: San Mateo Daily Journal

'El Principe' Madrid Premiere
The prime murder suspect whose case was dismissed after a judge threw out his confession to shooting an East Palo Alto activist at a San Mateo shopping center in 201 ...
Full article at: San Mateo Daily Journal 2 days ago, 8:51am CDT

How To Not Fail When You Try Something New

Source: Forbes

Christian Sprenger Portrait Session
VideoI have a confession: I used to quickly become frustrated whenever I tried something new and I didn't quickly excel. Rather than attempting to master the new activity, I would moved on to another task, seeking a gentler learning curve. My frustration with new activit ...
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Getting your foot stuck in the kneeler, and 11 other common Catholic problems...

Source: The New Advent

Christian Sprenger Portrait Session
Your priest absolutely knows its you in confession because you're the only one there who has four kids who confess right before you. Your active participation is questionable at Mass because you're watching your son, the altar boy, to make sure he doesn't mess up. It's like attempting to will a bowling ball to turn the right way. Someone sneezed during Mass should I say "God bless you" ...
Full article at: The New Advent 1 week ago, 9:48am CDT

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Miss America Prom Invitation by Student Prompts Suspension
Miss America Prom Invitation by Student Prompts Suspension
A student who asked Miss America Nina Davuluri to the prom has been suspended by the educational institution authorities. He had been warned not to attempt such an act but he did and this prompted the suspension.
Lara Spencer Gains Ground as Co-Host of GMA
Lara Spencer Gains Ground as Co-Host of GMA
Lara Spencer has gained ground as the co-host of GMA. She will be appearing on the show soon and it is something the audience is looking forward to with anticipation.
Apple Stock Expected To Grow This Year
Apple Stock Expected To Grow This Year
With new products coming out, growing stock is sure to follow

Making eateries ‘squeaky’ clean

Source: New York Post

Christian Sprenger Portrait Session
This is a true confession from a really bad waiter: After sucking down a few too many Moscow mule cocktails, a friend revealed a secret he’s kept lock ...
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Father Brown and the Mystery of Lent

Source: Crisis Magazine

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Lent is a detective story. It is the detective story in which the soul is investigator, victim, and culprit all at once. Out of the entire year, it is during Lent that the Church demands that we confess our sins, and confession requires a full inquiry. This is just one aspect of the call to penance that marks the whole season. We are also told to be converted to God with all our heart, and to show our repentance ...
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Lindsay Lohan Relapse Confession - Did it Cost Her an Acting Job?

Source: National Ledger

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Draft Day" - Arrivals
Lindsay Lohan fears her relapse confession on her reality TV show could ruin any chances of a legitimate comeback for her ...
Full article at: National Ledger Apr 9 2014, 10:48am CDT


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