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Questions and answers about Obama's new NSA rules

Questions and answers about Obama's plan to rein in NSA snooping on phone records and emails WASHINGTON (AP) — Pr...

Jan 17 2014, 12:21pm CST

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AP Source: NSA phone data control may come to end

AP Source: President Barack Obama to call for ending NSA's control of Americans' phone data WASHINGTON (AP) — Pre...

Jan 17 2014, 6:21am CST

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Ecuador politician claims email hacking in smear

Opposition politician in Ecuador claims email hacking in smear campaign by state-run media LIMA, Peru (AP) — An o...

Jan 15 2014, 1:51pm CST

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Major change unlikely despite open-Internet ruling

Court's ruling against open-Internet rules won't mean major changes to access NEW YORK (AP) — Don't expect major...

Jan 14 2014, 11:26pm CST

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Proposed spy phone record shift draws resistance

Proposal to shift surveillance phone record retention away from government drawing resistance WASHINGTON (AP) — T...

Jan 14 2014, 2:36am CST

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Technology? Some justices want to keep distance

Supreme Court justices wary of bold action by judges weighing new technology, privacy issues WASHINGTON (AP) — At...

Jan 7 2014, 2:16pm CST

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SF to charge Google, others with employee shuttles

San Francisco to charge Google, Facebook, others using public bus stops for employee shuttles SAN FRANCISCO (AP)...

Jan 7 2014, 1:36pm CST

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Texting, dialing while driving raises crash risk

Texting, dialing cellphone while driving raises crash risk especially for teens, study finds A sophisticated, rea...

Jan 2 2014, 1:41am CST

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Feds announce test sites for drone aircraft

Feds announce drone testing sites in Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia LAS VEGAS (AP) — The...

Dec 30 2013, 10:51am CST

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Lenovo IdeaCentre B540 23-Inch All-In-One Touch Screen Desktop at $699.99

Here is another hot Holiday gift tip from the I4U News Holiday Gift Guide 2013. Take a look below what we have found for you in...

Dec 13 2013, 9:01am CST