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British author Doris Lessing (L) listensBritish author Doris Lessing (L) shows hBritish author Doris Lessing (L) shows h

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President Obama's Favorite Books

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President Barack Obama Leaves Rome
American Presidents are known to be avid readers. John Adams’ library had more than 3000 volumes. Thomas Jefferson’s reading habits helped establish the Library of Congress. John F. Kennedy loved the James Bond novels of Ian Fleming while Richard Nixon was a fan of Leo Tolstoy. Bill Clinton preferred books on political history, world economy and emerging technology. George W. Bush supposedly read 95 b ...
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Lessing's Golden Notebook

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People walk past an electric quotation b
On this day in 1962, Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook was published. It is the most highly-praised and still the best-selling of her two dozen books. Lessing has described it as an attempt "to break certain forms of consciousness and go beyond them"; she has also said that the novel became "an albatross" hung around her neck by ...
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