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The Good Fight: Killing E-Waste

The Good Fight: Killing E-Waste
Safe e-waste disposal will make you feel better about your rampant consumerism.
Read more Sep 25 2010, 12:00am CDT

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Project aims to reuse waste materials while creating employment

Source: The Sarnia Observer

One person's trash is a source for new products and jobs in the eyes of Sarnia's ...
Full article at: The Sarnia Observer 2 hours ago

Ben Heck's Web Show Debuted Yesterday

Ben Heck's Web Show Debuted Yesterday
I am not really into modding, but I do appreciate the art and effort that goes into making some of the mods I see. I...
Read more Sep 14 2010, 8:25am CDT

Metro Vancouver Wants You To Pay For Burning Recycling

Source: The Huffington Post: Canada Edition

KPMG Assignment
The world came to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics and much was made of the natural beauty of our city. We were a mean, green city and we were proud of that. Now a few short years later, the Metro Vancouver regional authority wants to build a massive garbage incinerator at a yet-to-be-determined location in the Lower Mainland that will purposefully pump more smog into the air and burn recycled goods like paper and plastic. And get this, taxpayers are going to ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post: Canada Edition 2 days ago, 4:16pm CDT

Toshiba Expands Electronics Take-Back Program

Toshiba has announced that it has extended its electronics take back program. The program is designed to make it easier...
Read more Feb 22 2010, 9:00am CST

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Media, Telecom Industries Look to Recycle E-waste on Earth Day

Source: Mediacaster Magazine

Electronics Scrap Recycling At Aurubis
Whether recycled, re-used or re-sold, old electronics from both the consumer marketplace as well as the telecom industry itself must be dealt with in a mor ...
Full article at: Mediacaster Magazine 2 days ago, 6:05am CDT

Earth Day E-Waste Drop-Off Locations

Source: NBC Chicago

If you old, broken or unused electronics around your home, Earth Day presents an opportunity to get rid of them. Such items could be considered e-waste, which includes household and business appliciances with power or battery supplies. On Earth Day, April 22, several e-waste drop-off locations will be located throughout the Chicago area. Representatives will accept electronics such as computers, monitors, hard copy devices, keyboards and mice, TVs, a ...
Full article at: NBC Chicago 2 days ago, 5:05am CDT

Best Buy Recycling Now Nationwide

Best Buy has rolled its recycling program to all of its stores around the country. We first talked about the coming...
Read more Feb 18 2009, 6:41am CST


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