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LaCie and Wuala Maker Caleido merge

LaCie announced a merger with Caleido AG, the creators of the innovative online storage service, Wuala. Wuala...
Read more Mar 20 2009, 6:42am CDT


RIAA and the Major Labels Sue Megaupload…

Source: Digital Music News

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Earlier this week the Motion Picture Association of America sued Megaupload for “massive copyright infringement”. On April 10th, 2014 the Recording Industry Association of America filed a similar lawsuit on behalf of Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group. The RIAA says Kim Dotcom, Megaupload CTO /co-founder Mathias Ortmann, majority shareholder Vestor Limited, and head programmer Bram van der Kolk “willfully engaged in, actively encou ...
Full article at: Digital Music News Apr 11 2014, 3:30pm CDT

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Dropbox out to be a home in the Internet "cloud"

Source: Channel News Asia

SAN FRANCISCO: Dropbox is out to be the hip home in the cloud for photos, documents, video and other digital possessions amassed by Internet-age lifestyles.Dropbox on Wednesday ramped up services for sharing and collaborating on virtual belongings ranging from Excel spreadsheets to family photos. Online storage firm Dropbox (Image: Dropbox) "This is a little glimpse into our new home; a home for life," Dropbox co-founder and chief executiv ...
Full article at: Channel News Asia Apr 9 2014, 7:57pm CDT

Muso a friendly way to fight piracy

Source: The Guardian Technology

Finding your music on infringing sites feels like being burgled, but a producer and songwriter has come up with a solutionImagine if you downloaded a file from an illegal filesharing site or cyberlocker and, when you tried to open it, you were greeted by a message saying something along the lines of: "You seem to like this artist, so if you want them to be able to make another record, please support them by buying their record." Would it make you more likely to p ...
Full article at: The Guardian Technology Apr 9 2014, 1:08am CDT

​Hollywood movie giants launch copyright lawsuit against Kim Dotcom, Megaupload

Source: Russia Today

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Among the film giants filing the lawsuit are 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount, Universal, Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros studios. Dotcom and his colleagues “operated the notorious website Megaupload without authorization or license … and … intentionally infringed copyrighted motion picture and television programs on a massive scale and for a substantial profit,” said the complaint, which was fil ...
Full article at: Russia Today Apr 8 2014, 5:41am CDT

Studios Slam Megaupload With Mega-Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Source: Deadline

On Location For "Person Of Interest" - March 26, 2012
Over two years since notorious cyberlocker Megaupload was shut down on January 19, 2012, Hollywood today has gone on the legal offensive. Disney, 20th Century Fox Film, Paramount Pictures, Universal, Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros. today filed a mega-lawsuit against the site and its principals in federal court in Virginia (read it here). Alleging that the site infringed upon “thousands of plaintiffs’ copyrighted works,” the studios and the MPAA are seeking ...
Full article at: Deadline Apr 7 2014, 2:55pm CDT

UK set to make ripping your CDs and DVDs legal

Source: BetaNews

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Although you weren't ever likely to be the subject of a dawn raid from the Sweeney for doing it, until now it has been illegal under UK copyright law to make copies of digital media. From this summer though the government is changing the current legislation so that you'll be able to transfer music to your MP3 player or make backup copies of your movies without any risk of getting your collar felt. In a guidance ...
Full article at: BetaNews Mar 28 2014, 9:55am CDT

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