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New England Revolution v Chicago FireNew England Revolution v Chicago FireNew England Revolution v Chicago Fire

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Pace Car Fire Sparks Debate

Pace Car Fire at Daytona 2014 Sparks Debate
A pace car fire at the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series sparked debate as to the real reason behind the conflagration. It appears to be the case that an electrical kit in the rear burst into flames. The driver and passenger are both alive and well.
Read more Feb 17 2014, 4:43am CST


Teen girl burned when iPhone catches fire in pants

Teen girl burned when iPhone catches fire in pants
No comment from Apple on the pants fire
Read more Feb 3 2014, 12:29pm CST

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Dumpster fire outside of Clor's, now out

Source: The Batavian

Japan's parliament speaker Takahiro Yoko
A dumpster fire was reported outside of Clor's Meat Market on West Main Street at the corner of Lewiston Road. A responder says there is no exposure to the building and the dumpster was smoldering, but no flames were showing. Town of Batavia Fire Department responded and the fire is knocked down. ...
Full article at: The Batavian 12 hours ago, 5:35pm CDT

Best Buy is a Dinosaur and Canary

Best Buy is a Dinosaur and Canary
You might be tempted to lump recent news about Best Buy’s disappointing holiday performance into the long-running...
Read more Jan 24 2014, 8:00am CST

Fire safety the Chinese way! Kids are set alight under blankets in school to learn about the dangerous of burning flames

Source: Daily Mail

One primary school in Binzhou, China believes that teaching students fire safety is best done by having students wear a quilt as they run ...
Full article at: Daily Mail 1 day ago, 1:31am CDT

These Scientists Used Fire To Accompany Their Music, And It's Beautiful

Source: The Business Insider

Dow Falls As Technology Sector Stocks Tumble
Yay for science. A Rubens' tube is a pipe with holes in it. You put a flammable gas through the pipe, and then light it on fire. Kind of like the pipes in your gas-powered barbecue.  But what happens when you play music through the tubes? These scientists in Denmark built a "Pyro Board" to find out, and made a video showing the results. The description of the video explains what's happening: "The pressure variations due to the sound waves affect the flo ...
Full article at: The Business Insider 1 day ago, 6:06pm CDT

Target Offers Free Credit Monitoring

Free Credit Monitoring Offered by Target
Target now offers its customers free credit monitoring and identity theft protection. After a major breach in security, that left so many credit and debit cards of its clientele vulnerable to hackers, the store is trying to compensate them via certain concessions.
Read more Jan 23 2014, 11:58am CST

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Anna Kournikova has never met boyfriend Enrique Iglesias' dad Julio Iglesias
The two never enjoyed an open father and son relationship
Jodi Arias gets Hepatitis C while in the jail
She claims she was given a shot for Tuberculosis with an infected needle in the custody of Sheriff Joe
Loch Ness Monster detected by Apple's satellite map app
Loch Ness Monster detected by Apple's map
Satellite photographs creature swimming below the surface of the world famous loch

Another Social Media Marketer Goes Wild on Tinder

Source: AdWeek

Tinder "hacker" marketers are popping up everywhere. Now, a Toronto woman said she matched 2,000 men in 24 hours on the hot dating app, all by following a social media playbook pioneered by a single man in Phoenix. Cammi Pham, 24, copied the strategy tried by social media marketer Blake Jamieson, who added a fake Tinder logo to his profile with an official seeming “Hot Match of the Day.”  Both their results were interesting from a branding and ...
Full article at: AdWeek 1 day ago, 3:29pm CDT

Black Forest Fire Cutting Back 1 Year After Most Destructive Fire In Colorado

Source: CBS Denver

19 Firefighters Killed By Fast-Moving Wildfire In Arizona
BLACK FOREST, Colo. (CBS4)- The Black Forest Fire Department is cutting back one year after the most destructive fire in Colorado history. The Black Forest Fire Department is eliminating one part-time position and will staff Station Two will volunteers. That fire station is located on the north end of Black Forest. The Black Forest Fire Board made the cuts to help cover the cost of the independent investigation into the fire ...
Full article at: CBS Denver 1 day ago, 9:28am CDT

5 Highlights From The Netflix Earnings Report

5 Highlights From The Netflix Earnings Report
Netflix is starting to look like a precision machine. The company modestly exceeded expectations for the fourth quarter...
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