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Street Style At The 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts FestivalStreet Style At The 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts FestivalFestival Fashion At The 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Weekend 2

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YouTube Ban Follows Twitter Blockage in Turkey

YouTube Ban Follows Twitter Blockage in Turkey
A ban on YouTube followed the Twitter blockage in Turkey. Prime Minister Erdogan seems to be afraid of the role of social and visual media in revealing his regime’s corruption.
Read more Mar 28 2014, 3:40am CDT


Social Marketing Startup ZEFR Raises $30M

ZEFR is a startup that builds social marketing and rights management software for online videos. ZEFR’s software-...
Read more Feb 26 2014, 9:56pm CST

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YouTube's 9-Year Rise to Dominance

Source: NBC Bay Area

Alibaba To Kick Off IPO In U.S.
"Alright, so here we are, in front of the elephants..." And that's how the revolution began. Jawed Karim, one of the co-founders of YouTube, hanging out in front of some elephants at the zoo, being filmed, and uploading the video -- all 18 seconds of it -- to a fledgling service that would go on to become a huge part of our digital lives. As YouTube cruises towards its ninth birthday, the statistics are almost mind-numbing: 4 bil ...
Full article at: NBC Bay Area 2 days ago, 5:59pm CDT

YouTube ordered to take down anti-Muslim film

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A U.S. appeals court ordered YouTube on Wednesday to take down an anti-Muslim film that sparked...
Read more Feb 26 2014, 8:26pm CST

Ex-Educator Pleads Not Guilty To Sex Abuse Charges After Being Confronted On YouTube

Source: CBS Los Angeles

RIVERSIDE ( — A former school administrator accused of molesting two Riverside County girls, one of whom confronted her in a YouTube video, pleaded not guilty Friday to felony charges. Andrea Michelle Cardosa, 40, was arrested Feb. 3 and charged with 11 counts of lewd acts with a child under 14 years old, five counts of forced sexual penetration and multiple sentence-enhancing allegations of targeting more than ...
Full article at: CBS Los Angeles 6 days ago, 3:55pm CDT

Music service Songza goes Mad

Source: CNet

Dow Falls As Technology Sector Stocks Tumble
Music streaming application Songza has created Mad Men-inspired playlists to coincide with the s ...
Full article at: CNet 6 days ago, 1:24pm CDT

CES Panel: Brand Advertisers About To Stream Onto YouTube

In the last couple of years, YouTube has rapidly evolved from a huge but random collection of videos to a huge...
Read more Jan 6 2014, 7:16pm CST

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Microsoft Beats Analysts Predictions With 20.40B in 3rd Quarter Revenue
The Software Giant has Strong Sales in the Commercial Market
Dark Souls II for PC Launches Early but Pre-order Bonus Still Live + 25% Discount
Dark Souls II for PC Launches Early but Pre-order Bonus Still Live + 25% Discount
At 6PM Eastern Dark Souls 2 on PC will make its PC gaming debut. However, pre-order bonuses still live and a 25% discount at one retailer.
Meg Ryan to be Voice in New Series

Media heavyweights join fight against removing ‘Innocence of Muslims’ from YouTube

Source: Russia Today

Unleash YouTube Event: Stars Michelle Phan, Rosanna Pansino And Bethany Mota
'Innocence of Muslims' was first uploaded to YouTube in 2012, sparking a wave of protests across the Middle East because of unfavorable depictions of the prophet Muhammad as a pedophile. The 14-minute film was controversial enough that the Obama administration first blamed the movie for being the driving force behind the US consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans. Pakistani lawmakers offered a reward for the assassination of the film's director, Mark B ...
Full article at: Russia Today 6 days ago, 11:01pm CDT

Nearly 20% of YouTube users now pay less attention to TV, finds Google study

Source: The Drum

Table 4 Writers Foundation Second Annual Awards Gala
YouTube is having a measurable impact on TV consumption, with nearly one fifth (19 per cent) of YouTube users saying they pay less attention to TV and 17 per cent stating that they watch TV less overall. However, only three per cent have stopped subscribing to premium cable networks and one per cent have stopped watching TV entirely. The findings came from a Google report looking into the current audience demographics. The UK study found that currently 90 per cent of YouTube view ...
Full article at: The Drum 1 week ago, 5:50am CDT

Most Watched YouTube Videos for 2013

Most Watched YouTube Videos for 2013
The topmost watched videos worldwide on YouTube for this year include the most trending bizarre music video 'The Fox' and also the top music video "GENTLEMAN M/V" by PSY. The top 10 trending videos reflect the temper of the times we live in. And these are indeed interesting times.
Read more Dec 11 2013, 6:48am CST


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