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GestureTek Gesture-Control and Multi-Touch Gear Shown at ISE

GestureTek Gesture-Control and Multi-Touch Gear Shown at ISE
GestureTek has been busy showing off its gear at CES earlier this month and now at the ISE Show. The technology being...
Read more Jan 30 2009, 1:00pm CST


A first handshake that felt immediately familiar

Source: Baker City Herald

Gears & Greens Charity Golf Classic
The first time I shook Sid Johnson’s hand I felt an instant sense of familiarity. His hand was my grandpa’s hand. It was rough with sandpapery callouses, the fingers thick and gnarled like oak limbs, but it was also protective, in the manner of a wool blanket that is itchy but will keep you warm on a January night. It was the hand of a working man. A hand made to grasp a hammer, to plane a board, to build structur ...
Full article at: Baker City Herald 2 days ago, 3:35am CDT

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A salute to TPD recruits

Source: Toledo Blade

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Toledo Police Academy graduate Jeffrey Bodeman salutes Chief William Moton during the academy’s 61st graduation ceremony Thursday night at Bowsher High School in South Toledo. A class of more than 70 recruits, including those saluting above, made it one of the ...
Full article at: Toledo Blade 2 days ago, 10:45pm CDT

Senate wants schools to recite Tenn. flag salute

Source: My Fox Memphis

Melbourne Victory Training Session
The recitation of a little-known "Salute to the Flag of Tennessee" in the state Senate is often met with confusion with visitors to the upper chamber of the General Assembly. Now, lawmakers want to have schoolch ...
Full article at: My Fox Memphis 4 days ago, 3:39pm CDT

Wrestling event at California University will salute U.S. troops

Source: WTAE Pittsburgh

SPD Host World War I Commemoration
Salute to the Troops will include a full U.S. military guard, a public oath ceremony for new and re-enlisting members of the armed forces, and six wrestling m ...
Full article at: WTAE Pittsburgh 4 days ago, 1:08am CDT

'Heil Hitler!' Shouted By Kansas Shooting Suspect After Being Taken Into Custody (VIDEO)

Source: The Huffington Post

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
The man suspected of killing three people in two separate shootings at Jewish centers in Overland Park, Kan., on Sunday was captured on camera making pro-Nazi comments. The video, which was taken by Kansas City news station KMBC, shows the suspected gunman after he was taken into custody in the parking lot of an elementary school near the scene of the attacks at the Jewish Community Center and the Village Shalom assisted living center. From the back of the police cruiser he shouted wh ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post 6 days ago, 11:15pm CDT

April 14 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Source: The Heights

Melbourne Victory Training Session
By: Thumbs Up Brighton Campus - Sometimes, we think that this part of Boston College’s campus does not get the love it deserves. On this past beautiful, sunny Saturday, we took a brief foray onto th ...
Full article at: The Heights Apr 13 2014, 12:00am CDT

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NBA: Warriors Beat LA Clippers 109-105 for 1-0 Lead in Playoff Series
NBA: Warriors Beat LA Clippers 109-105 for 1-0 Lead in Playoff Series
The Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Clippers 109-105 on April 19 to take a 1-0 lead in their best-of-seven first round playoff series.
Customized gold iPhones given away as wedding favors
Customized gold iPhones given away as wedding favors
President of Nigeria had his daughter’s wedding and each guests received a gold iPhone as wedding favor
Leaked images show off OnePlus One, StyleSwap covers too
Leaked images show off OnePlus One, StyleSwap covers too
The handset has a minimalistic design approach which falls perfectly in sync with the typical Oppo style

New Single: Little Mix – “Salute”

Source: Your Music My World

Melbourne Victory Training Session
British girl-group Little Mix has selected “Salute” to serves as the third single from their latest album which is also called “Salute”, the female anthem will follow up their previous singles ‘Move’ and ‘Little Me’ which were moderately successful. The TMS produced number is a perfect single choice as it`s one of the strongest tracks off the album, it`s an uptempo number with a great pace to it and has a very catchy lyrics ...
Full article at: Your Music My World Apr 11 2014, 1:22pm CDT

Daily Mail says manipulation of Tim Sherwood salute image was mistake and against paper's policy

Source: The Press-Gazette

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
The Daily Mail has said that an editorial mistake saw the back-page picture on yesterday’s print edition manipulated. The image, which was taken by Kirsty Wigglesworth and distributed to the Mail by Associated Press, shows Tottenham player Emmanuel Adebayor saluting manager Tim Sherwood during Tottenham’s 5-1 defeat of Sunderland at home. The Mail gave the picture the headline FINAL SALUTE because Sherwood i ...
Full article at: The Press-Gazette Apr 9 2014, 4:18am CDT

Your handshake can reveal your personality

Source: Real Bollywood

Melbourne Victory Training Session
Sydney, April 7: A person's way of shaking hands can say a lot about his person ...
Full article at: Real Bollywood Apr 7 2014, 7:07am CDT


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