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Gift for Men

Gift for Men
Just two days are left for this year's Valentine’s day and your significant other is just dying for a token of affection. The following gift ideas for men may help women in their quest to express the perfect love in the perfect manner.
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The Death of the Neighborhood Restaurant

Source: New York Observer

Illustrations by Robert Samuel Hanson Sueños, a restaurant I liked a lot, is going out of business. Its talented chef-proprietor, Sue Torres, is admired by nearly everyone I know in the business for her Mexican food, which somehow managed to be painstakingly authentic but also urbane, refined but totally rustic and uncompromised.The room was intimate, the crowd mostly devoted neighborhood customers—the kind who come in on a Wednesday night twice a month, the kind who kee ...
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The 2014 Power Women Of Davos

The 2014 Power Women Of Davos
Issues of inequality dominated the Davos agenda this year, with the issue of gender disparity emerging as a critical...
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WorldViews: How McDonald’s went from hero to zero in Russia

Source: The Washington Post

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, presidential candi
Following the news that McDonald's would pull out of Crimea, now de-facto a part of Russia, there's been a considerable amount of spite directed to the American fast food restaurant in Russia. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, has said Russia should close down all locations of the chain in the country, and apparently many Russians support him: According to a recent poll conducted by SuperJob's Research Center, 62 ...
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How does false information spread online?


Biz Stone Signs Copies Of "Things A Little Bird Told Me"
Last summer the World Economic Forum (WEF) invited its 1,500 council members to identify top trends facing the world, including what should be done about them. The WEF consists of 80 councils covering a wide range of issues including social media. Members come from academia, industry, government, international organisations and wider civil soci ...
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Top CEOs meet in Davos

Top CEOs meet in Davos
Davos is the place to be for the world’s top executives and political figures this week but what happens if you’re not...
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Berlin Fears A High Court Ruling Could Threaten The European Union

Source: Business Balla

By Marc Lanthemann The Greek economy ended its four-year exile from international markets last week with a triumphant 3 billion euro (about $4.1 billion) bond sale. The global ...
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Religious Leaders Converge to Hold Interfaith Service in Honor of Kansas Shootin
Religious Leaders Converge to Hold Interfaith Service in Honor of Kansas Shooting Victims
Religious leaders gather at a Community Center to mark the first interfaith service for Overland Park, Kansas shooting victims. So far, one person is under custody pending more investigations.
Mrs. Doubtfire sequel is on its way
Mrs. Doubtfire sequel is in the works
The writer of Elf, David Berenbaum is going to write the script for the sequel.
John Mellencamp spied out on the town with Meg Ryan
John Mellencamp spied out on the town with Meg Ryan
Mellencamp is set to enter the studio soon

Ronald McDonald Replaced by Farmer Dirk

Source: 24/7 Wall St.

'Miss Sixty' Premiere
Ronald McDonald, a spokesman for McDonald's, has been mothballed. The company claims he still is a symbol for the company, but a farmer named Dirk is featured on the McDonald ...
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The Rise of the Extended Workforce

Source: Small Business Labs

World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship - Round Three
The consulting giant Accenture has released a study showing the use of contingent workers and other external talent is growing in importance for major corporations. Accenture uses the term "extended workforce" to describe the many types of workers companies use. This definition includes internal employees, vendors, consultants, alliance partners as well as contingent workers who work for the organization on a project ba ...
Full article at: Small Business Labs 2 days ago, 3:00am CDT

Job Offer

Update: Position is filled. We are seeking a contributor for our I4U News UK edition. This is a freelance position...
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