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Public Sector Workers StrikePublic Sector Workers StrikePublic Sector Workers Strike

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Mommy I'm Here Kid Tracking Device Gives you Piece of Mind

Mommy I'm Here Kid Tracking Device Gives you Piece of Mind
The Mommy I'm Here is available at ThinkGeek for $9.99-39.99. Have you ever been at the zoo or the park and turned away...
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No charges in hit-and-run crash that killed teen

Source: WKYC

Darla Mitchell still can't believe her little brother Malik is gone and that the man responsible isn't behind b ...
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Gone Girl More Information on the Released Trailer

Source: I4U News

Stakes Day
So the first official trailer for Gone Girl was released yesterday, and people went nuts for it. But perhaps you're a bit out of the loop and have no idea why ...
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6 Vital Money Lessons All Parents Must Teach Their Kids

Source: Yahoo! Shine Health

Public Sector Workers Strike
Rachel, who is almost 26, was a baby when we fought our way back from bankruptcy. Rachel: People make huge, expensive mistakes as adults because they were not allowed to make inexpensive ones as kids. "Rachel, when the money's gone, it's g ...
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$250 or You Die: Kidnapping Goes Mass Market in Mexico

Source: NBC News

Peaches Geldof Dies Aged 25
CUERNAVACA, Mexico — Once the plutocrats' plague, kidnapping for ransom in Mexico has gone decidedly mass ...
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W. S. Merwin: “Forgetting Clouds.”

Source: The New Yorker

Public Sector Workers Strike
The quiet morning has a few cloud friends that are gone when I look for them again in this one summer to which I have come after everything that I remember what can I call it before it has gone it does not hear me and does not know me . . . (S ...
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Joe Francis' Girlfriend Abbey Wilson Is Pregnant With Twin Girls!

Source: US Weekly

Girls Gone Wild Magazine Launch - Arrivals
Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis' girlfriend Abbey Wilson is pregnant with twin girls -- read Us Weekly's exclusive!This article originally appeared on Joe Francis' Girlfriend Abbey Wilson Is Pregnant With Twin Gir ...
Full article at: US Weekly Apr 10 2014, 7:25am CDT

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Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel about to Amuse Audiences
Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel about to Amuse Audiences
A sequel to the highly popular movie Mrs. Doubtfire is about to come on the scene soon. It will amuse audiences to no end.
Glen Campbell is Not Well
Glen Campbell Moved to Alzheimer's Facility
Glen Campbell is not well at all. He has now been moved to an Alzheimer's care facility.
Ronda Rousey has Staying Power as an MMA Fighter
Ronda Rousey has Staying Power as an MMA Fighter
The savage and brutal MMA fighter that is Ronda Rousey has staying power. She has proven her mettle as a permanent fixture in the fight series.

Art Imitates Life in Disturbing New Film

Source: Crisis Magazine

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
What you are about to read is disturbing. It will unnerve you. It should. This week Under the Skin is released in the United States. This low budget British movie has little by way of traditional plot, even less dialogue. Some of it was shot with non-professional actors, at times using hidden cameras. Its director, Jonathan Glazer, has made only a handful of films. For all that, improbably, its lead is a Hollywood star, Scarlett Johansson. Initially, when it was shown in competition at last ...
Full article at: Crisis Magazine Apr 10 2014, 2:55am CDT

Nursing home’s lawyer claims residents wanted stripper party

Source: New York Post

They weren’t helpless victims — they were Golden Girls gone wild! The elderly residents of a Long Island nursing home decided on their own to throw a spring ...
Full article at: New York Post Apr 8 2014, 9:35pm CDT

Driver Honored For Saving Kids From Smoking Bus

Source: CBS Minnesota

People walk past an electric quotation b
BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — A quick thinking school bus driver was honored Tuesday for his actions after saving children last month from a bus that was on fire. Last month, a First Student school bus started filling up with smoke. Alfred Lewis helped four students with special needs get off the bus safely. Two of the students were in wheelchairs. Tuesday morning in Brooklyn Park, Lewis was recognized for his outsta ...
Full article at: CBS Minnesota Apr 8 2014, 12:49pm CDT


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