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Hector Xavier Monsegur

Breaking News about Hector Xavier Monsegur:

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How Sabu, as an FBI informant, helped coordinate the 2011 hack of FBI IT contractor ManTech (Motherboard)

Source: Techmeme

Motherboard: How Sabu, as an FBI informant, helped coordinate the 2011 hack of FBI IT contractor ManTech  —  How an FBI Informant Helped Orchestrate the Hack of an FBI Contractor  —  Weeks after he started working quietly as an FBI informant, Hector Xavier Monsegur, known by his online alias “Sa ...
Full article at: Techmeme Jun 21 2014, 5:45pm CDT


How Sabu Orchestrated the Hack of FBI Contractor ManTech

Source: AppleSlashdot

Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes Weeks after he started working quietly as an FBI informant, Hector Xavier Monsegur, known by his online alias "Sabu," led a cyber attack against one of the bureau's very own IT contractors. In July 2011, at Monsegur's urging, members of AntiSec, an offshoot of the hacking collective Anonymous, took advantage of compromised log-in credentials belonging to a contractor with a top secret security clearanc ...
Full article at: AppleSlashdot Jun 18 2014, 11:04am CDT

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How master hacker Sabu turned FBI cybersleuth


Reformed hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur took personal risks when he turned FBI inf ...
Full article at: USATODAY Jun 15 2014, 10:38pm CDT

How FBI Informant Sabu Helped Anonymous Hack Brazil

Source: AppleSlashdot

Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes 'A year after leaked files exposed the National Security Agency's efforts to spy on citizens and companies in Brazil, previously unpublished chat logs obtained by Motherboard reveal that while under the FBI's supervision, Hector Xavier Monsegur, widely known by his online persona, "Sabu," facilitated attacks that affected Brazilian websites.The ope ...
Full article at: AppleSlashdot Jun 5 2014, 6:54pm CDT

Sabu chat logs show vast scale of Brazil hacks orchestrated while FBI informant

Source: The Guardian Technology

Hector Xavier Monsegur worked with Anonymous collective Chats under seal but obtained by Motherboard online magazine Continu ...
Full article at: The Guardian Technology Jun 5 2014, 11:01am CDT

Caught as a hacker? Helping the FBI is your get-out-of-jail-free card

Source: BetaNews

LulzSec is an infamous, famous and notorious name in the technology world. The small collective made a name for itself by attacking high-profile websites such as and government sites, but all of this was interrupted when founding member Sabu (or Hector Xavier Monsegur to his mother) was arrested three years ago. Originally facing a jail sentence of more than 26 years for his hacking work, Sabu is now a ...
Full article at: BetaNews May 28 2014, 6:05am CDT

Hacker Turned FBI Mole 'Sabu' Sentenced to Time Served

Source: WSB Radio

Hector Xavier Monsegur, known as 'Sabu' in the hacking community, a onetime member of the cyber hacking group Anonymous, is sentenced to time served by a New Y ...
Full article at: WSB Radio May 27 2014, 4:45pm CDT

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Convicted hacker turned in FBI informant walks free

Source: Euronews

A convicted hacker turned FBI informant who was facing more than 20 years in jail has walked free. Hector Xavier Monsegur was arrested in 2011 on… ...
Full article at: Euronews May 27 2014, 4:24pm CDT

Hacker Sabu, who helped US, released from prison

Source: Times of India

A US district judge credited Hector Xavier Monsegur's "extraordinary cooperation" with the FBI as she announced the sente ...
Full article at: Times of India May 27 2014, 12:46pm CDT

Former LulzSec Hacker Turned Informant Avoids Further Jail Time

Source: WYPR

Avoiding further jail time, Hector Xavier Monsegur — a hacktivist legend — walked out of a federal court house in Manhattan on Tuesday.The AP reports that U.S. ...
Full article at: WYPR May 27 2014, 12:41pm CDT


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