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Henry Kissinger

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Henry A. Kissinger Prize 2013Henry A. Kissinger Prize 2013Henry A. Kissinger Prize 2013

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Terrorists Killed in Gaza

Source: The Pensive Quill

Overnight it was reported that 3 terrorists had been shot dead in Gaza by Palestinian resistance fighters. They were part of a large terrorist phalanx engaged in Israel’s SS mission of Search and Slaughter Palestinian children as a strategic means of destroying the morale of a civilian population. The objective, cower Gaza society into abject submission. The terrorists were confronted by Palestini ...
Full article at: The Pensive Quill 4 days ago, 6:00am CDT


Richard Nixon Argues Gays Are 'Born That Way' In Newly-Released White House Tapes

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

A series of newly-released White House recordings are shedding light on former U.S. President Richard Nixon's stance on the gay and lesbian community, among other disclosures. In the 1971 recordings, which can be heard on Vanity Fair's website, Nixon describes himself as "the most tolerant person," even if he remains hesitant to incorporate those views into a national policy, in a discussion with National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger and Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jul 11 2014, 12:30pm CDT

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The 9 Most Important Things We Learned From Tim Geithner's Book

Source: Business Insider

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner testi
Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was one of the more controversial figures of both the financial crisis, and the subsequent first years of the Obama administration, having been perceived as too close to Wall Street. Many also said he failed to do enough to provide relief to homeowners hit by the crash. In his new book "Stress Test", Geithner addresses all these issues. He makes a co ...
Full article at: Business Insider Jun 25 2014, 1:14pm CDT

I Finally Made It Through Hillary Clinton's Hard Choices

Source: The Stranger

Hillary Clinton Book Signing
Hillary Clinton's Hard Choices Is a Great Excuse to Do Literally Anything Else by Paul Constant While reading Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton's memoir about her time as secretary of state, I got a lot done. I scoured my computer for duplicate files and erased dozens of gigabytes of redundant information. I cleaned and reorga ...
Full article at: The Stranger Jun 24 2014, 9:52pm CDT

John Bolton: U.S. should stay out of Iraq

Source: WND

"Pageant - The Musical" Opening Night
John Bolton Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, a proponent of America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, argued in a radio interview on Sunday the U.S. should stay out of the current conflict and instead let Sunnis and Shiites fight it out. Asked how would advise the White House to respond to the jihadist gains in Iraq, Bolton stated, “At this point I would follow Henry Kissinger’s advice from the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980′s: Let them fight ...
Full article at: WND Jun 22 2014, 7:51pm CDT

Neocons Should Be Held Criminally Liable For Failed Iraq War Predictions and Damages to Our Country

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Three
When free speech laws ignore words directly correlated to the fate of millions, while aggressively prosecuting even the most vapid internet dialogue, we have a world when teenagers are jailed and neoconservative writers are printed in respected newspapers. If Christopher Hitchens can make a logical case regarding Henry Kissinger being a war criminal, then someone should investigate the possibility that similar intelle ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 20 2014, 6:07am CDT

The joy of the World Cup

Source: The Moderate Voice

Henry A. Kissinger Prize 2013
WASHINGTON — Henry Kissinger was wrong to dismiss Chile as “a dagger pointed at the heart of Antarctica.” On Wednesday, the South American nation was a scalpel that excised the soul of Spain. As a lifelong soccer fan, Kissinger doubtless understands what I mean: A particularly delightful and surprising World Cup tournament — the world’s greatest sporting event — is in full swing. Anyone who follows the sport knows ...
Full article at: The Moderate Voice Jun 19 2014, 11:38pm CDT

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Kris Jenner Releasing A Kardashian Collection Family Cookbook!
Kris Jenner Releasing A Kardashian Collection Family Cookbook!
In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites will hit shelves in October
Robin Roberts to bless Goodyear Airship
Robin Roberts to bless Goodyear Airship
Robin Roberts is to bless an airship belonging to the Goodyear Company.
Meagan Good is not going to replace Washington on 'Scandal'
Meagan Good is not going to replace Washington on 'Scandal'
The news of Washington being replaced by Good turns out to be a mere rumor

'Mandela: The Myth and Me' Documentary Explores Freedom, Forgiveness And Contradictions Of Mandela's Legacy

Source: The Huffington Post: UK Edition

Death And The Maiden - Press Night - After Party
'Mandela: The Myth and Me' takes the form of an open letter from Khalo Matabane to the man whose name defined his childhood - whether it was associated with terrorism, imprisonment, justice, freedom and, ultimately, forgiveness. Writer and director Khalo was an idealistic teenager with fanciful ideas about a post-apartheid era of freedom and justice when the great icon of liberation, Nelson Mandela, was r ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post: UK Edition Jun 12 2014, 11:06am CDT

U.S. Nearly Used Nukes During Vietnam War

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

We came dangerously close to nuclear war when the United States was fighting in Vietnam, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg told a reunion of the Stanford Anti-Vietnam War Movement in May 2014. He said that in 1965, the Joint Chiefs assured President Lyndon B. Johnson that the war could be won, but it would take at least 500,000 to one million troops. The Joint Chiefs recommended hitting targets up to the Chinese border. ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 10 2014, 8:23pm CDT

JUST SAY the War on Drugs

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

Ted Cruz Headlines Iowa GOP Ronald Reagan Commemorative Dinner
Seven years ago, when I told my mom I wanted to make a film to help end America's War on Drugs, she asked me, with a look of some concern, whether I was ever going to make a feel good film. Don't get me wrong. My mother's no coward in the face of life's challenges, but she'd watched me spend the previous decade taking on other seemingly unwinnable fights -- examining whether Henr ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 2 2014, 9:45am CDT


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