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Gallery : Hillary

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Hillary Clinton Book SigningHillary Clinton Book SigningHillary Clinton Book Signing

New I4U Wii Girl, Oops we did it again!

New I4U Wii Girl, Oops we did it again!
Nintendo did it again, and so did we. Nintendo managed to keep the Wii a must have gadget and in very short supply for...
Read more Jan 2 2008, 5:00am CST

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Long life

Source: Spectator Magazine

Hillary Clinton Book Signing
Tony Blair and Bill Clinton must be very happy about how they have fared since leaving political office, for each has since become enormously rich. Tony Blair may well be the richest British prime minister since the 14th Earl of Derby in the 19th century, and Bill Clinton is among the ten richest American presidents ever (richer even, it is said, than President Kennedy) — not bad for the child of a junior tax insp ...
Full article at: Spectator Magazine 1 week ago, 10:00pm CDT

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Bill Clinton Brags About Buying 14 Expensive Swiss Watches to 'Just Give Them Away'

Source: Big Government

Hillary Clinton Book Signing
Wednesday at the Clinton Foundation's annual Global Initiative, Rip Rapson, the CEO of The Kresge Foundation, a $3 billion philanthropic private foundation based in Detroit, told a story from earlier this year when former President Clinton purchased watches to support a local business Shinola, that makes high end watches with Swiss movements that retail between $500 to $1,000 dollars. Clinton interrupted Rapson to make sure everyone knew he had purchased 14 ...
Full article at: Big Government Jun 25 2014, 8:37pm CDT

I4U presents the Apple iPhone Girl

I4U presents the Apple iPhone Girl
What gadget had the biggest buzz in 2007? Correct! The Apple iPhone. To celebrate this exceptional gadget we feature a...
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Jenna Bush Hager weighs in on Clintons’ wealth flap

Source: Today MSNBC

Bing In The Classroom Launch Event
In TODAY’s Take, Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, and Jenna Bush Hager discuss the former president defending his wife Hillary’s remark about the Clintons once being “dead broke,” and denies she’s out of touch with the public. “They’re a close family. [They] have stood up for each other throu ...
Full article at: Today MSNBC Jun 25 2014, 9:03am CDT

Chelsea Clinton Doesn’t Care About Money As She Earns $600,000 A Year

Source: Anorak

Hillary Clinton Book Signing
  THIS is a fairly brazen piece of behaviour. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary, insists that she’s not really motivated by nor worried about money. Which is interesting because she’s on a $600,000 a year contract with NBC to do the odd bit of TV reporting now and again. Oh, and she’s married to a finance whizz kid and lives in a $10 million apartment. I guess quite a lot of us wouldn’t be all that worried about money at that sort of point: Despite Chelsea’s s ...
Full article at: Anorak Jun 25 2014, 2:58am CDT

Bill Clinton Defends Hillary: 'She's Not Out Of Touch'

Source: Big Government

Bill Clinton Visits Belfast
Tuesday during an exclusive interview with David Gregory, former president Bill Clinton defended his wife Hillary over the controversy that has erupted since her first book tour misstep when she told ABC News' Diane Sawyer that her family "came out of the White House not only dead broke but in debt," adding they had "no money." Since then Hillary has made several more comments trying to clarify that have only added fuel to claims she is ...
Full article at: Big Government Jun 24 2014, 5:28pm CDT

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Bill Clinton's life as a musical? Show coming to NYC


Hillary Clinton Book Signing
"Bill Clinton The Life," features Bill, Hillary, Newt and Monica Lewinsky characters.          ...
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Van Jones: Hillary Is "Blowing" It; Watch Out For Elizabeth Warren

Source: Real Clear Politics

Royal Ascot 2014 Day Three
VAN JONES: But, you know, I feel badly because I actually like her a lot. But I think she's blowing it. And I think she's actually emboldening -- if I were Elizabeth Warren or if I were Schweitzer, I would be sharpening my pencils and getting ready to go because I think she comes across badly. I wonder, and you've been in public life and you know it's tough, I wonder if she tries ...
Full article at: Real Clear Politics Jun 24 2014, 12:47am CDT

Exclusive! Sexy I4U Holiday Model Hillary poses with hot Wii and iPhone

Exclusive! Sexy I4U Holiday Model Hillary poses with hot Wii and iPhone
Xmas is almost here! After the I4U Miss Santa, we thought we would throw in a bonus I4U Gadget Model photo spread this...
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