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"Ice Poison" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival"Ice Poison" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival"Ice Poison" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

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Frozen Pipes: How to Cope with Them

Frozen Pipes: How to Cope with Them
With the temperature reaching sub-arctic levels, the problem of frozen pipes has arisen in many regions of the United States. Here we show you how to cope with them in a handy and efficient manner.
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A word to local residents from Max Cohen Grove at Lake Potanipo in Brookline

Source: The Cabinet Press

"Ice Poison" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival
BROOKLINE – As the icebergs melt around our town, it’s time to think about summer, and for our family, it’s about taking early evening dips at Lake Potanipo, to cool off and watch amazing sunsets across the lake. For Brookline residents, Lake Potanipo is our little slice of heaven. Whether you’re jumping off the dock, just cooling off, hanging on the beach, water skiing or fishing the inlets, it’s a short drive to paradise. The lake is about 170 acres, a bit on the shallow side ...
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Which Member Of The Justice League Are You?

Source: Buzzfeed

"Adult Swim: Robot Chicken/DC Comics Special - "Comic-Con International 2012
More than 100 superheroes have been among the ranks of the Justice League since it first formed in 1960. If you were in the Justice League, who would you be? ...
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Veteran Given Mortgage-Free Home In Shoreview

Source: CBS Minnesota

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences And NASA Venture To The Final Frontier
SHOREVIEW, Minn. (WCCO) — On a quiet street in Shoreview, Lance Cpl. Tom Jacobson and his girlfriend Cassie are seeing their new home for the first time. They’ve been renting a house with Tom’s sister and two brothers, so this is a welcome change. Tom likes the kitchen with new appliances, and the bar in the basement. Cassie loves all the closet space. They both appreciate the help from Wells Fargo and the Military Warriors Support Foundation. The three ...
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VaVa II visits Homer

Source: Homer Tribune

Ernesto Bertarelli throws champage from
M/Y Vava II is the 97-metre superyacht commissioned by the Swiss-Italian entrepreneur Ernesto Bertarelli for his British musician wife Kirsty. Built by Devonport Yachts at Plymouth, England, the hull was subcontracted to Appledore Shipbuilders and launched in 2009. When constructed she was claimed to be the largest British-built superyacht. She was the last yacht built by Devonport Yachts following its acquisition by Pendennis Shipyard. The yacht’s desig ...
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Ice boom may be able to be removed April 28

Source: WIVB News Channel 4 Buffalo NY

SPD Host World War I Commemoration
BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says if the ice on eastern Lake Erie continues rapidly diminishing, the ice boom could be removed next Monday. Officials conducted a flight over the lake on Wednesday and found 399 square miles of ice coverage remains. The minimum required for the Corps to have the ice boom removed is 250 square miles. Another flight is scheduled for Monday, April 28. Officials say if the ice quality continues to rapidly diminish, the ice boom may be ...
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Properties still reporting frozen pipes

Source: Winnipeg Free Press

Properties across Winnipeg continue to report frozen water lines despite the milder weather. Over the four-day Easter weekend, a combined 16 new properties reported frozen water lines, bringing the total since November to 2,499. In an update released this afternoon, city hal ...
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KYTC: $68M Spent on Snow and Ice Removal This Winter

Source: WKMS

Water Festival Marks Start Of New Year In Thailand
  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spent more than $68 million on snow and ice removal this winter, while more than doubling the salt usage of a ...
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Ice-T Agrees With Lord Jamar: Hip Hop Is Black Music

Source: All HipHop

"Ice Poison" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival
(AllHipHop News) Lord Jamar’s stance that Hip Hop is Black music, and whites are guests to the culture had a lot of people, including Yelawolf and Buckshot, responding negatively to the Brand Nubian member’s comments. [ALSO READ: Buckshot Challenges Lord Jamar’s Claim That Hip Hop Is A Black Art Form] Fellow Hip Hop legend, Ice-T, is on Jamar’s side of the argument. The rapper/actor says he agrees that Hip Hop culture was formed from Black culture. “Hip Hop is black music. It’s not like if I was ...
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