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"Ice Poison" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival"Ice Poison" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival"Ice Poison" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

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Frozen Pipes: How to Cope with Them

Frozen Pipes: How to Cope with Them
With the temperature reaching sub-arctic levels, the problem of frozen pipes has arisen in many regions of the United States. Here we show you how to cope with them in a handy and efficient manner.
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Huffington Post Frets About Great Lakes Still Being Frozen

Source: Big Government

New York Mets v Colorado Rockies
It is a month into spring, and large parts of the Great Lakes are still frozen over from the winter that refuses to die. This all has The Huffington Post fretting about ducks and shipping lanes, but, uncharacteristically, not global warming. By April 28, 37 percent of the Great Lakes are still locked down with ice that is up to 20 inches thick in some places. This year's ice coverage has played havoc with the begi ...
Full article at: Big Government 2 days ago, 2:57pm CDT

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Weekend forecast for the Northland: Sleet, snow, ice and thunder

Source: Duluth News Tribune

Japan Enjoys Cherry Blossom Season
Duluth News TribuneWinter and spring will collide in the Northland over the next couple days, with a mixed bag of precipitation including sleet, snow, freezing rain and possibly a f ...
Full article at: Duluth News Tribune 2 days ago, 9:46am CDT

Warmer weather, rain expected to help break up river ice

Source: Winnipeg Free Press

Festive Productions Prepares For Christmas 2014
Warmer temperatures and rain are expected over the weekend, leading to an expected breakup of the solid ice covering the Manitoban portion of the Red River. Environment Canada is predicting highs of 11 C on Saturday and Sunday as well as five to ...
Full article at: Winnipeg Free Press 3 days ago, 3:50pm CDT

Neenah cancels 'Let Your Water Run' notice

Source: The Appleton Post-Crescent

"Ice Poison" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival
The Neenah Water Utility has canceled the 'Let Your Water Run' notice that had been in effect since Feb. 11 for more than 160 properties with a hi ...
Full article at: The Appleton Post-Crescent 3 days ago, 2:31pm CDT

Let it snow…

Source: Campus Times U of Rochester

New York Culinary Experience Private Dinner Featuring Chefs David Bouley, Daniel Rose, And David Waltuck Hosted By New York Magazine Culinary Editor Gillian Duffy
The snow is gone now, and everyone is rejoicing, but I actually like the snow and don’t mind the cold weather all that much either. After all, if it weren’t for the cold, how would snowmen eat ice-bergers for dinner? Or Frosted Flakes for breakfast? Don’t get me wrong, I too am excited for some actual sunny weather. But let’s take a look at the things we experience in the winter that are just not the same in the summer. For one, skiing, snowboarding and sledding become much more dif ...
Full article at: Campus Times U of Rochester 3 days ago, 12:00am CDT

Calgary Fire Department reminds about dangers of icy waterways

Source: Calgary City News

The Calgary Fire Department reminds Calgarians to be cautious around ice covering bodies of water and the banks of Calgary waterways.“To make sure you and your family are safe, you should always stay off ice that is covering a lake, pond, river or waterway because you cannot be sure of its depth or stability,” says Carol Henke, Public Information Officer, Calgary Fire Department.“As the weather keeps changing, it's difficult to assess how thick ice might be or ...
Full article at: Calgary City News 3 days ago, 7:00pm CDT

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Customized gold iPhones given away as wedding favors
Customized gold iPhones given away as wedding favors
President of Nigeria had his daughter’s wedding and each guests received a gold iPhone as wedding favor
Leaked images show off OnePlus One, StyleSwap covers too
Leaked images show off OnePlus One, StyleSwap covers too
The handset has a minimalistic design approach which falls perfectly in sync with the typical Oppo style
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Rufus Cuff seems too big to be a wearable
Once connected, it can be used for mobile data, making calls and sending texts

Fire ice: the energy of the future?

Source: BBC News

Dow Falls As Technology Sector Stocks Tumble
Could mining ice provide for all our energy needs and save ...
Full article at: BBC News 3 days ago, 6:02pm CDT

At Least 5 Struck By Falling Ice Outside Rockefeller Center

Source: CBS New York

Iowa Faces Next Round Of Flooding
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - A sudden spring freeze had residents in parts of the Tr-State area scraping snow and ice off their cars Wednesday morning, but it also posed a serious danger to pedestrians walking in New York City. As CBS 2′s Tony Aiello reported, Christian Rouanet, a tourist from Belgium, was among at least five people who were struck by falling ice from the GE Building on West 50th Street outside Rockefeller Center. Christian Rouanet, who was struck by falling ice at Rockefeller ...
Full article at: CBS New York 4 days ago, 4:13pm CDT

Bulova Astronaut Travel Alarm Clock for $14 + $5 s&h

Bulova Astronaut Travel Alarm Clock for $14 + $5 s&h
Today only, offers the Bulova Astronaut Travel Alarm Clock model no. B2808, for $17. Coupon code "...
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