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Imran Khan

Breaking News about Imran Khan:

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Imran Khan left isolated in civil disobedience call

Source: Times of India

Imran Khan and populist cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri, who led his own "long march" from Lahore, claim the May 2013 general election which Nawaz Shari ...
Full article at: Times of India 2 days ago, 7:04am CDT


Pakistani protest leaders cool towards Sharif's offer of talks

Source: Asia One

ISLAMABAD - Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan and a firebrand cleric left an offer of talks from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif dangling on Monday, as anti-government protests in the centre of Islamabad moved into a fourth day.Both former cricketer Khan, and the cleric Tahir ul-Qadri, who runs a network of Islamic schools and charities, have called for Sharif to quit, accusing him of corruption and ballot-rigging during his landslide elec ...
Full article at: Asia One 2 days ago, 6:23am CDT

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Pakistan's Imran Khan urges civil disobedience


Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan has called on his supporters to launch a civil disobedience campaign in order to force Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif out o ...
Full article at: 2 days ago, 10:45pm CDT

Rulers responsible for forcing Imran, Qadri to revolt

Source: The Nation - Pakistan

LAHORE - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will not feel comfortable after the civil disobedience call given to the people by Imran Khan and the ultimatum by Dr Tahirul Qadri that he should step down by Monday night or the people would snatch power. But he himself is responsible for creating this nerve-shattering situation. Today his government in u ...
Full article at: The Nation - Pakistan 3 days ago, 2:00pm CDT

Govt ready to accept legitimate demands: Nisar

Source: The Nation - Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said on Sunday that government was ready to accept political demands of the PTI and PAT but they must be constitutional and democratic, and protesters parties must shun their illegitimate way for pressing of their demands. Addressing at a late night press conference, soon after the speech of Imran Khan to his activis ...
Full article at: The Nation - Pakistan 3 days ago, 2:00pm CDT

Pak Anti-Government Protesters Threaten to Invade Red Zone

Source: NDTV

Pakistan Opposition leader Imran Khan today warned the Nawaz Sharif government that thousands of his supporters could enter the high-security Red Zone in Capital Islamabad if Prime Minister Sharif ...
Full article at: NDTV 3 days ago, 3:30am CDT

Pakistan's Khan Vows Protests Until PM Quits


Pakistani opposition politician Imran Khan says he will lead protests in Islamabad along with tens of thousands of his supporters until Prime Minister Nawaz Sh ...
Full article at: 4 days ago, 5:00pm CDT

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Thousands of protesters demand re-vote in Pakistan

Source: 49 News Topeka

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Tens of thousands of protesters thronged the streets of Pakistan’s capital Saturday, defying pouring rain to answer the call of a fiery cleric and a cricket star-turned-politician who are both demanding the government step down immediately. Anti-government cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri and Pakistan’s most famous cricket player, Imran Khan, have led dual mass protests that have disrupted life across Islamabad. They demand P ...
Full article at: 49 News Topeka 4 days ago, 3:01pm CDT

Today is decisive day: Imran

Source: The Nation - Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Imran Khan Saturday declaring himself the next prime minister announced that he will continue his protest sit-in and threatened to march on the Parliament House and PM House if PM Nawaz Sharif does not resign. “I now ask you Mian Sahib, with politeness, to resign as it is hard to control junoon (enthusiasm) of the people and they could march on the Parliament House and PM ... ...
Full article at: The Nation - Pakistan 4 days ago, 2:00pm CDT

The Unstoppable Islamabad Tsunami

Source: The Nation - Pakistan

(Part 2) In my previous article on the same subject, my friend, Max, had been skeptical, and commented, that as in the past, this tsunami would also turn into a ripple and an ebbing tide. However, it seems that this time, both Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri mean business and seem to be well prepared, especially after they announced, that they will march side by side to t ...
Full article at: The Nation - Pakistan 4 days ago, 2:00pm CDT


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