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Jane Austen

Breaking News about Jane Austen:

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The 10 Chick Flicks Of The Nineties That Make Everyday Life Worth Living

Source: movie pilot

There's nothing better than getting the girls together for a lazy night in front of a fab chick flick, right? Wrong. There's getting the girls together for a lazy night in front of a fab NINETIES chick flick.Yep, we all remember the times of mood rings, rollerblades, Push Pops, and the Monica Lewinsky scandal. But can you remember how your formative teenage misfit years were shaped by watching romance comedies better th ...
Full article at: movie pilot Jul 18 2014, 11:37am CDT


We're Not Saying You SHOULD Do Anything Illegal Outside

Source: The Stranger

We're Not Saying You SHOULD Do Anything Illegal Outside, But If You Were Going to... ...You Might Take Mushrooms and Walk Through the Arboretum Walking around in nature during Seattle's reason for living (aka summer) should be a priority! And let's face it, few things make nature more potent than reality's little helper: p ...
Full article at: The Stranger Jul 9 2014, 4:50am CDT

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David Harvey on Piketty’s “Capital”

Source: P2P Foundation

There’s been plenty of talk about Thomas Piketty’s recent volume. While the attention and awareness it has generated is not a bad thing, it’s also worth exploring some constructive critiques of the book that go beyond mere defensive slander. Of these we feel that David Harvey’s review of Piketty’s study, originally published on his webpage, is specially relevant. Thomas Piketty has written a book called Capital that has caused quite a stir. He advocates progressive taxation and a ...
Full article at: P2P Foundation Jul 7 2014, 4:09am CDT

Alicia Silverstone's Sweet Virtual Fitting Room from 'Clueless' Is Now a Reality


  Company Metail is about to make all your clothes-horse and Clueless dreams come true. The creatives there have created a virtual fitting room that allows you to dress just like ‘90s-era heroine Cher from Amy Heckerling’s film starring Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Paul Rudd and Brittany Murphy. Remember this?   Australian rapper Iggy Azalea recently resurrected the yellow-plaid image of the Clueless icon in her musi ...
Full article at: Jul 3 2014, 2:01pm CDT

Mumsnet's Political Insights Are Right up There with My Spaniel's

Source: Big Government

Prime Minister's Question Time (PMQs) is a big turn off. So says Mumsnet, the website for women who have had babies, are thinking about having babies, or who are just really into the idea that motherhood is such a blessed state in and of itself that it confers special insight and must be deferred to as often as possible on every conceivable occasion. One politician who predictably agrees with them is milksop deputy prime minis ...
Full article at: Big Government Jul 3 2014, 3:02am CDT

Gugu Mbatha-Raw covers 'Spectator Life'

Source: Oh No They Didn't!

Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s first glimpse of her character in the British film Belle came on a postcard. It was of a 1779 painting attributed to Johann Zoffany of an aristocratic African woman, playing hand in hand with her white cousin. It’s a warm, playful portrait, inviting the viewer into the girls’ private world, and almost, it seems, sharing with us a joke they are sharing with each other.Beyond its surface appeal — the playfulness, ...
Full article at: Oh No They Didn't! Jun 20 2014, 5:48pm CDT

Kindle Readers Are Seriously Obsessed With Quotes From 'The Hunger Games'

Source: Business Insider

Think no one is judging you when you highlight your book passages in “The Hunger Games”? Think again. Kindle users can highlight their favorite book passages so they can return to them later, and Amazon keeps track of the most highlighted excerpts (Vox did a neat analysis of the ranking today). It turns out that Kindle users seriously love Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of "The Hunger Games" series. One of her quotes in “Catching Fire,” th ...
Full article at: Business Insider Jun 10 2014, 10:49am CDT

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Of Course YA Books Can Be Complex

Source: The Atlantic

Young-adult fiction, Ruth Graham argues at Slate, is escapist, intended for "instant gratification and nostalgia." Its books lack complexity, she argues, and are merely "maudlin teen dramas." Reading them is bad for you, your brain, and your moral fiber: "Fellow grown-ups, at the risk of sounding snobbish and joyless and old, we are better than this." There are certainly many mediocre YA books, as there are mediocre books in a ...
Full article at: The Atlantic Jun 6 2014, 9:45am CDT

The Morgan Library and Museum exhibits masterpieces from Oxford's famed Bodleian Library

Source: Art Daily

The Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford holds one of the greatest collections of books and manuscripts in the world. Marks of Genius: Treasures from the Bodleian Library, on view at the Morgan Library & Museum from June 6 to September 14, celebrates more than two thousand years of the creative genius of authors, composers, artists, scientists, and philosophers preserved in the library’s rich holdings. The exhibition inc ...
Full article at: Art Daily Jun 5 2014, 10:46pm CDT

These Charts Reveal How Best-Selling Novels Have Changed Over Time

Source: Business Insider

If you've ever wondered how best-selling authors went from Elinor Dashwood to Bella Swan, math — believe it or not — can help. Tyler Vigen, the statistician who brought us hilarious spurious correlations, did some work with words, too. He analyzed several of the most popular novels from the early 1800s to today, focusing on elements like sentence length and punctuation.  "I chose these books because they were seven of the all-ti ...
Full article at: Business Insider Jun 2 2014, 10:56am CDT


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