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Karl Lagerfeld

Breaking News about Karl Lagerfeld:

Haut Couture Hack: Chanel TV Belt

Haut Couture Hack: Chanel TV Belt
Looks like Karl Lagerfeld is a early adopter through and through. We reported about his mega iPod bag a while ago. Now...
Read more Jun 21 2005, 11:09am EST

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A Music Festival Finally Banned Native-American-Style Headdresses

Source: Yahoo! Shine Fashion and Beauty

Not everyone (for example: Karl Lagerfeld, assorted Kardashians) has gotten the memo about Native-American headdress appropriation. But at least one music festival has. Canada's popular EDM festival Bass Coast will be banning all Native-American-style h ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Fashion and Beauty 12 hours ago, 11:41am CDT

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Naomi Campbell, inspired by Mandela 7 months on

Source: Channel News Asia

NEW YORK: Naomi Campbell, the British supermodel as famous for her hot temper as her arresting beauty, says her campaign to counter racism in fashion was inspired by Nelson Mandela.In an exclusive interview, Campbell told AFP that the global rights icon, who once dubbed her his "honorary granddaughter," remains a huge influence in her efforts to help young models of colour. Superm ...
Full article at: Channel News Asia 3 days ago, 6:29pm CDT

Luxury Fashion Designer iPod Cases Round-Up

Fendi iPod Bag Verbose Coma reports an exclusive on a forthcoming CITY magazine spread collecting Luxury iPod cases...
Read more Aug 13 2004, 2:16am EST

In pictures: Karl Lagerfeld's pampered cat Choupette is given her own make up line

Source: Stirling Observer

WHITE Siamese Choupette leads a charmed life, travelling by private jet, playing on her personal IPad and eating fro ...
Full article at: Stirling Observer Jul 17 2014, 9:06am CDT

13 Things We'd Like to See on Blake Lively's New Website, Preserve


There’s not really that much known about Blake Lively’s to-be-revealed website—except that she’s made it very clear, in more than one interview, we might add, that it should not necessarily be classified as a lifestyle site. So if it’s not Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, what is it? Sorry, we don’t have the breakdown just yet, but sources have spilled that the project has a name! In the coming months, Blake and her gor ...
Full article at: Jul 15 2014, 11:37am CDT

Karl Lagerfeld's Cat is Fronting Shu Uemura's Holiday Beauty Campaign—No, Really!

Source: E Online

Grumpy Cat may be raking up endorsement deals with Cheerios and Friskies, but Choupette Langfeld just landed a major modeling deal. She will be the face (yes, face) of Shu Uemura' ...
Full article at: E Online Jul 11 2014, 2:45pm CDT

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Kendall Jenner Rocks Runway at Paris Fashion Week!

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Foreign Legions


Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel show got the couture set out of bed early today, but it was double C's of a different sort who kept them out last night. Colette's Sarah Lerfel and Coach's Stuart Vevers gathered friends like Caroline de Maigret, Fabien Baron, Aurélie Bidermann, and Camille Bidault Waddington at Verjus for a late dinner. De Maigret was talking up her upcoming book, and Bidermann was buzzing about her new New York store. As ...
Full article at: Jul 7 2014, 11:00pm CDT

Fendi iPod Bag and why does Karl Lagerfeld own 40 iPods?

Fendi iPod Bag and why does Karl Lagerfeld own 40 iPods?
Wired has an article about the Fendi iPod bag recently shown on a Milano fashion runway. The Fendi iPod bag can carry...
Read more May 14 2004, 12:10am EST


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