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KIRA Mirrors the Highly Luxurious Side of Toshiba

KIRA Mirrors the Highly Luxurious Side of Toshiba
Engineering that has inspirational aspects is bringing new products into the market. These include Toshiba’s 13 Inch KIRAbook, a gem which is giving the competition a case of the delirium tremens.
Read more Apr 17 2013, 10:25am CDT


Steer Clear Of That Glass Cliff

Source: Auto Balla

By Kira Makagon A struggling organization hires a female leader, and she inherits a company in crisis. She can’t quickly generate the momentum needed to fix the problems. The Board of Director ...
Full article at: Auto Balla Jul 7 2014, 1:30pm CDT

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Teen Wolf Review: The Heist

Source: TV Fanatic

It appears Kate has been a busy bee. We learn in Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 2 that she might be having trouble knowing when and how to change, but that hasn't stopped her from making plans to rob the Hales blind. Everything they had left, it seems, is now in the hands of what appears to be an associate of Kate's.  The really bad news is that bearer bonds belong to whoever is holding them. They haven't even issu ...
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Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: The Dead Pool

Source: TV Fanatic

Professional killers with thermal cut wires relieving Beacon Hills' citizens of their heads is at least one thing to look forward to on Teen Wolf Season 4. The following super teaser also promises a high body count, Malia doling out sage advice to Derek to think more like Stiles and ... kissing! Peter senses the bezerkers are coming and there are at least two new players on the lacrosse team -- hunky newcomer Liam and Kira! That's a surprise, righ ...
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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Off to Mexico!

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

What happened in Mexico did not stay in Mexico on Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1. Quite the opposite, in fact. It was broadcast on national television! For reasons far from clear at first, the opening installment plopped fans right down south of the border, as Stiles and Lydia were debating the merits of a plan. We then witnessed them wander into a hidden disco that is, of course, also the secret base of the Calaveras family of hunters. Watch Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode ...
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Teen Wolf Creator Teases Big Bads, New Romance and Fresh Season 4 Faces

Source: TV Fanatic

Hold on to your seats. When Teen Wolf Season 4 kicks off tonight, don't expect Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira and Malia to be hanging out in Beacon Hills. Instead, they're in Mexico - and while you'll eventually figure out why they're south of the border, don't expect things to slow down on this thrilling MTV series. Late last week, Arden Cho gave us her perspective on the new season and on the sa ...
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'Orphan Black' Season 2 Finale Spoilers - Creators Talk About the New Clone!

Source: Just Jared

SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE SEASON TWO FINALE YET! There were some major revelations in the season two finale of Orphan Black and now the series creators are shedding some light on what went down. Final warning, don’t read on if you don’t want to get spoiled! As we headed into the finale, Sarah’s daughter Kira was kidnapped by Rachel after going through a bone marrow transplant surgery to help save Cosima. The season finale episode start ...
Full article at: Just Jared Jun 21 2014, 9:20pm CDT

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Heidi Klum Pic has Zac Posen’s hands on her Naked Boobs
Heidi Klum Pic has Zac Posen’s hands on her Naked Boobs
A recent pic of Heidi Klum had her Project Runway judge Zac Posen’s hands firmly on her naked boobs. It was quite a shocker alright.
Kelly Rowland is Expecting a Baby Boy
Kelly Rowland is Expecting a Baby Boy
The once-upon-a-time member of Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland discussed her pregnancy and the food cravings that came with the territory. And she also revealed her baby's gender accidentally.
Kate Hudson recalls her Best Kiss with Heath Ledger
Kate Hudson recalls her Best Kiss with Heath Ledger
The beautiful and illustrious Kate Hudson has recalled the on screen best kiss of her life to have been with the late Aussie actor Heath Ledger.

Orphan Black Review: Project Castor

Source: TV Fanatic

Perfect. That describes Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 10, the second season finale of this brilliant BBC America program.  They wouldn't dare not renew the series, would they? After a finale like this one that will have people talking for days, it's highly unlikely we won't hear about a renewal very shortly. The Dyad is, essentially, done and a new organization was revealed with a surprising figurehead -- Marian Bowles. Low and behold Michelle Forbes was not ...
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Orphan Black Season 2 Finale Spoilers: Sarah and Rachel to have a Major Showdown

Source: IBTimes UK

Rachel has kidnapped Sarah's daughter Kira in the penultimate episode and now its Sarah's turn to bring Kira ...
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Mistresses Review: Carpe Diem Your Face Off

Source: TV Fanatic

When last we left Savi she'd just had a horrific car accident, found out the baby she was carrying wasn't her hubby's, and was coding on the table as doctor's fought to save her life. Eight months later in Mistresses Season 2 Episode 1… Mistresses Photos from "Rebuild" 1. Time to Meditate A pregnancy, a car accident, and two smoking hot men. Savi's life is complicated. We can un ...
Full article at: TV Fanatic Jun 2 2014, 10:00pm CDT


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