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Lance Armstrong Rides In RAGBRAILance Armstrong Rides In RAGBRAILance Armstrong Rides In RAGBRAI

RadioShack Partners with Lance Armstrong

RadioShack Partners with Lance Armstrong
RadioShack isn’t exactly the largest company in the electronic world today. I'm not sure where they got the loot to...
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Trending: Lance Armstrong’s New Job, President/VP Selfie

Source: CBS Dallas Fort Worth

Lance Armstrong Rides In RAGBRAI
LANCE ARMSTRONG’S NEW JOB Cyclist Lance Armstrong is getting his hands dirty for his new gig – and poking a little fun at his past problems. Armstrong appears in a new video showing off his skills a bike mechanic. In the two-minute how-to video for Outside magazine, Armstrong walks viewers through changing a bike tire. Click here to watch the entire video. PRESIDENT/VP SELFIE The selfie craze has infiltrated the W ...
Full article at: CBS Dallas Fort Worth 3 days ago, 9:36am CDT

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Lance Armstrong makes rare public appearance ... as a bike mechanic

Source: ABC-KVUE Austin

SJA British Sports Journalism Awards
The disgraced former face of cycling appeared in a new video on Outside Online in one of his first public appearances since admitting to doping to Oprah in ...
Full article at: ABC-KVUE Austin 3 days ago, 8:17am CDT Announces Calorie Tracking iPhone App Announces Calorie Tracking iPhone App
Lance Armstrong's Livestrong foundation has announced the launch of its first iPhone App called Calorie...
Read more Nov 6 2008, 7:00am CST

Beginner's blog: Them's the brakes


Lance Armstrong Rides In RAGBRAI
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }P.western { }Everyone loves a winner. Like many Brits, the sight of Bradley Wiggins then Chris Froome tasting success in the Tour de France, the inexorable rise of Team Sky and British track triumphs at the London Olympics have piqued my interest in cycling over the last few years. An overly enthusiastic tour fan (my father) pushing road cycling's merits has gradually had a grinding down effect too. Slipping on Eurosport with its Tour cove ...
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Lance Armstrong 'jokes' about doping scandal

Source: Daily Mail

SJA British Sports Journalism Awards
The former cycler has largely stayed out of the spotlight since admitting to cheating last year, but appeared in a video for Outside magazine this week. ...
Full article at: Daily Mail 4 days ago, 7:00pm CDT

What The Hell Is With This Lance Armstrong Instructional Video?

Source: SportsGrid

2013 YouTube Music Awards
It’s fitting that in the week of the holiday based around “resurrection,” Lance Armstrong pops up on the internet in his first step toward being a person again. We think. Maybe he was just really bored. Either way, this thing is awkward-though-informative-and-kinda-funny, and DEFINITELY something everyone has to watch, regardless. Because it’s Lance Armstrong. (It’s actually being done for, and not through his personal YouTu ...
Full article at: SportsGrid 4 days ago, 5:54pm CDT

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TMZ Sports Show: Russell Wilson -- Seahawks Leader ... Even at the Beach

Source: TMZ

AEG's Season Of Gving With The Hollyrod Foundation
ON TODAY'S SHOW Seahawks Sweating at the Beach  Lance Armstrong Drops PED Jokes Aaron Hernandez Accused of Threatening Guard A-Rod Off-Season Shopping Spree in L.A. SKYPE US TMZTVSHOW TWEET U ...
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Lance Armstrong -- Mocks Doping Scandal ... In Effort to Change Image

Source: TMZ

Christian Prudhomme - Director of Tour de France Press Conference
Lance Armstrong is changing a bike tire ... in what appears to be an attempt to change his image ... and he's even making fun of his own disgraceful doping scandal to help his cause. Armstrong stars in a brand new "How To" video for… ...
Full article at: TMZ 5 days ago, 10:06am CDT

New Nike Lance Armstong Chrono Sports Watches

New Nike Lance Armstong Chrono Sports Watches
Wrist Dreams reports that Nike offers new Lance Armstrong 10/2 watches. The Nike Limited Edition Lance Alti Chrono Ti...
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