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Levon Helm In ConcertLevon Helm In ConcertLevon Helm In Concert

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Johnny Cash in the 1980s

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Levon Helm In Concert
One of Johnny Cash's lost albums from the 1980s was released earlier this year—and it wasn't all that good. This fits with the general narrative about Cash's career. Supposedly, during the 80s he was at a creative nadir; his longtime label, Columbia, dropped him, his songs did nothing commercially—he was going nowhere. Until, that is, Rick Rubin scooped him up, slapped some bleak cover art on him, and turned Cash back into a vital creative force ...
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Masters Of Sex, Girls & "Boogie Train": Conversations with Michael Penn and Foghat's Roger Earl

Source: The Huffington Post

Roger Vivier Virgule Launch Party London
photo courtesy Cinemedia Promotions A Conversation with Michael Penn Mike Ragogna: Michael, what have you been up to recently? Michael Penn: I've been busy scoring stuff, I've been working on the Showtime show Masters Of Sex and I've been working on Girls for HBO and that's what I've been doing. MR: At the moment, you're kind of putting the singer-songwriter thing aside and concentrating on TV and film. Is that just a shifting focus as f ...
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Book Review: The Band: Pioneers of Americana Music

Source: American Songwriter

Dow Falls As Technology Sector Stocks Tumble
The Band: Pioneers of Americana Music By Craig Harris (Rowman & Littlefield) When The Band released its debut album, Music From Big Pink, in 1968, their impact on other musicians was huge. Musicians on both sides of the Atlantic, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and The Grateful Dead took notice and started returning to a more roots-oriented sound. What The ...
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