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Batman Arkham Available in the App Store Now

Batman Arkham Available in the App Store Now
The app store has a new arrival. DC Comic's Batman: Arkham Origins Multiverse Graphic Novel is now available in the App Store for free. This venture is an exciting, exhilarating journey that takes the gamers to a place where others have seldom gone before.
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Moore Tackles the Multiverse's Nightmarish Future in "Mandala"

Source: Comic Book Resources

Michael Moore Visits HMS Queen Elizabeth
Stuart Moore discusses the secrets of his distopian multiverse epic "Mandala," and Dark Horse Comics' unusual approach to publishing the ...
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Original Sin #0 Spoilers & Review: Just How Powerful Is The All-New Marvel Now’s Watcher Uatu?

Source: Pulse Wrestling

Original Sin #0 hit stands today. It is essentially a retelling and reboot of aspects of The Watcher Uatu’s past at a $4.99 price point. Building on the preview that had Nova meet the Watcher, the rest of the issue lays the groundwork for where The Watcher Uatu head is as we head into Original #0. While Original Sin already having a stealth debut in All-New X-Men #25 – a book that was maligned by readers as “filler” with a ...
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COSPLAY: Ivy Doomkitty & Vegas PG As Power Girl

Source: Comic Book Movies

DC Comics - Power Girl Cosplayer: Vegas PG Cosplay * Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography ........................................................................ Cosplayer: Ivy Doomkitty * Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography ........................................................................ Power Girl is the Earth-Two equivalent of Supergirl, native Kryptonian and cousin ...
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The concept there is not just a universe, but a multiverse, has come into the scientific mainstream

Source: National Post

Obama And Biden Welcome Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride To White House
What is the universe made of? The ancient Greeks conceived of the “atom,” the indivisible unit of matter. Today’s physicists talk of smaller particles — quarks and electrons, neutrinos, Higgs Bosons and photons. Understand them — and the forces that hold everything together — and we may finally get a handle on what makes it all tick. The trouble is, the more we drill down into the subatomic world, the more complexity ...
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Batman: Eternal, The New 52: Futures End, Earth 2: World’s End & Multiversity Build To April 2015 DC Comics Event? Decyphering Dan DiDio Spoilers?!

Source: Pulse Wrestling

"The Walking Dead" 10th Anniversary Celebration Event At Comic-Con 2013 - Arrivals
DC Comics has three weekly series that launch in 2014: Batman: Eternal launched in April 2014, followed by The New 52 Futures End in May 2014, with Earth 2: World’s End the last of the weeklies out of the gate in October 2014. Earth 2: World’s End hits stands after DC’s Futures End centric five-years-into-the-future line-wide 3D cover month in September which DC notes is deliberate. For those keep ...
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Young Avengers Headline, Deathlok, Doctor Doom, Thane Son Of Thanos & Others Get Spotlight In Original Sins Companion Series From All-New Marvel Now

Source: Pulse Wrestling

Marvel Comics has launched another Original Sin tie-in series: the 5 issue Original Sins (yes with an “s” at the end). The best way I can explain all these parts of Original Sin is as follows: Original Sin, the 8 issue core event book (no “s” at the end), that surrounds the mystery of who killed The Watcher, what he saw and what’s the deal with his eyes; the House of Ideas’ take on a cosmic whodunit. We get an interlude in Original Sin with, I believe, with more branding-ove ...
Full article at: Pulse Wrestling Apr 10 2014, 5:00am CDT

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Brian Williams is Hilarious on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Brian Williams is Hilarious on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
What is even funnier than the Tonight's show fake rap videos of Brian Williams is watching him as guest on the show. Brian Williams was guest on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week. Watch the full appearance bowl. It is hilarious. Also watch the latest Brian Williams rap. It is viral with over 6m views.
Mariah Carey Booked Entire Plane Cabin
Mariah Carey Booked Entire Plane Cabin
Mariah Carey is known for her luxurious lifestyle. Carey recently booked an entire first class air plane cabin for travelling from New York to France at cost of £70,000.
Orange is the new Black Season 2 Trailer Released
Orange is the new Black Season 2 Trailer Released
The first trailer for season 2 of the Netflix hit series Orange is the new Black has been released. Watch it below.

Google Play Books signs on as DC Comics' latest sidekick

Source: CNet

Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction - Arrivals
The home of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman finds a new world in the multiverse of digital bookstores to invade: Google Play Books.   ...
Full article at: CNet Apr 2 2014, 12:50pm CDT

What Universe Is This, Anyway?

Source: New Hampshire Public Radio

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Let's take a walk on the wild side and assume, for the sake of argument, that our universe is not the only one; let's say there are many others, possibly infinitely many, "out there." The totality of this bizarre ensemble is what cosmologists call the "multiverse," a hypothesis that sounds more mythic than scientific, a conceptual troublemaker that inspires some and outrages others.It all started in the 1980s, when physicists Andrei Linde, f ...
Full article at: New Hampshire Public Radio Apr 2 2014, 11:21am CDT

Marvel AR unveiled at SXSW 2012

Marvel AR unveiled at SXSW 2012
Marvel Entertainment unveiled Marvel AR, the first major augmented reality app from a comic book company.
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