Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted

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'Muppets most wanted' Photocall'Muppets most wanted' Photocall'Muppets most wanted' Photocall

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Review: Muppets Most Wanted

Source: Latino Review

Retro Celebrity Happy Hour Hosts The Official Movie Release Party For "Stuck In The Middle"
The Muppets are some of the most endearing pop culture icons in history. They're just so darn lovable that even in their most kid-centric fare, there's usually enough in there to entertain the adults, especially now. Many adults today grew up with the Muppets and, thanks to their big time resurgence in 2011's succinctly titled "The Muppets," they're able to share the joy they experienced as children with their very own young ones. I imagine there's ...
Full article at: Latino Review Apr 6 2014, 2:25pm CDT


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