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Cleanup Continues For Oil Spill In Crucial Houston Ship ChannelCleanup Continues For Oil Spill In Crucial Houston Ship ChannelCleanup Continues For Oil Spill In Crucial Houston Ship Channel

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Galveston Oil Spill Threatens Wildlife

Galveston Oil Spill Leads to Shipping Passageway Closure
The Galveston oil spill has wreaked havoc on an unimaginable scale. In fact, the manmade disaster has led to the closure of a shipping passageway off the Gulf of Mexico and also threatens wildlife.
Read more Mar 24 2014, 9:44am CDT


Navy SEALs Libya Tanker Seizure After Piracy Attempt

Navy SEALs Libya Tanker Seizure After Piracy Attempt
A Libya tanker “Morning Glory” underwent seizure after Navy SEALS boarded it in the Mediterranean. This occurred after the threat of a piracy attempt loomed on the horizon.
Read more Mar 18 2014, 5:29am CDT

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AAP approaches EC on oil field issue

Source: Spice Zee

Reliance Industries Group President, Par
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today approached the EC to prevent the government from taking a decision to give an oil field to th ...
Full article at: Spice Zee 37 minutes ago

Oil Cleansing Method in 3 Easy Steps

Oil Cleansing in 3 Easy Steps
The oil cleansing method is the best for troublesome skin. And it is accomplished in 3 easy steps.
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Rail set to transport 500,000 bpd of Canadian oil by year-end but costs remain high

Source: Financial Post

NZ Party Leaders Make Joint Annoucement On Jobs Crisis
Rail could carry as much as half a million barrels of Canadian oil per day by the end of the year, amid pipeline constraints and as new dedicated rail infrastructure facilities come on line, according to investment broker Peters & Co. About  250,000 bpd of Canadian oil, mostly light blends from Saskatchewan, are currently being shipped via rail to the United States, but trains are gaining attention from heavy oil producers in Alberta as well as Enbridge Inc. ...
Full article at: Financial Post 1 hour ago

Letter: Steer oil legislation back on track

Source: The Columbian

John Key Switches On The Auckland Electric Rail Network
I applaud Federal Railroad Administration proposals for strengthening public safety, including a condition that trains hauling crude oil carry at least two crew members. It’s troubling that these trains today are ...
Full article at: The Columbian 2 hours ago

Rejecting Keystone XL Pipeline Could Damage U.S. Environmental Movement

If President Obama rejects the Keystone XL pipeline, he will set a precedent with potentially devastating impacts for...
Read more Feb 4 2014, 8:38am CST

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Laura Prepon and Tom Cruise are Living it Up
Laura Prepon and Tom Cruise are Dating
The two seem absolutely smitten with each other. Laura Prepon and Tom Cruise are living it up in Tinsel town.
Beltran Leyva Gang Member Arrested in Mexico City
Beltran Leyva Gang: Vital Gang Member Arrested in Mexico
The intensification of the law enforcement agencies in Mexico City led to the arrest of a vital gang member of the infamous and notorious Beltran Leyva gang.
Apple Adding More Anti-Theft Features
Apple Adding More Anti-Theft Features
Agreeing to new standards, Apple will now be adding several new features to the iOS upgrades

Hopes Dashed Again: MH370 Searchers Say Oil Slick is Not From Jet

Source: NBC News

2014 NYC Police Foundation Gala
An oil slick found near the area where searchers detected underwater "pings" that may be linked to missing Flight 370’s black box is not from an aircraft, officials said Thursday.Hopes were raised that the slick, found about 18,000 ...
Full article at: NBC News 2 hours ago

AAP asks EC to prevent govt from giving oil field to Essar Group

Source: Firstpost

"Despite the Model Code being in force, an oil field that was put out for bidding in 1993, 21 years back, and has not been concluded till date, is sought to be handed over to Essar Group on a platter on the eve of elections", party leader Prashant Bhushan said in a compl ...
Full article at: Firstpost 2 hours ago

Can Natural Gas Weather The Cold?

Can Natural Gas Weather The Cold?
If natural gas is going to save America, boost our economy, roll back carbon emissions and bring back our Golden Age of...
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