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Sloppy Seconds And The Parasites In Concert - Indianapolis, INSloppy Seconds And The Parasites In Concert - Indianapolis, INSloppy Seconds And The Parasites In Concert - Indianapolis, IN

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Brain-Eating Parasite Kills All Victims

Brain-Eating Parasite Kills Zac
A 7th grader Florida boy, Zachary Reyna, has died at 12 by a rare type of amoebic disease that ate away at his brain. The brain-eating parasite entered his system through the nose while he was knee-boarding. All victims of this dead are dead till now.
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Parasitic diarrhea-causing amoeba kills human cells 'like a piranha'

Source: Daily Mail

"Married To Medicine" Season 2 Premiere
Virginia researcher found Entamoeba histolytica,(pictured), which causes a potentially fatal diarrhea common in the developing world, infects by nibbling human ...
Full article at: Daily Mail 1 day ago, 7:37pm CDT

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Peak Soil: Are We Taking More Than the Earth Can Give?


Dow Falls As Technology Sector Stocks Tumble
There is a tendency for humans to perceive ill occurrences as unconnected events, rather as the Biblical plagues of Egypt: water into blood, frogs, lice, wild animals or flies, deceased livestock, boils, storms of fire, locusts, darkness and death of the firstborn. Scientists now believe that these events really happened, but they were in fact all results of a single cause: not the wrath of a punitive God, but ...
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Are ‘selfies’ spreading head lice in kids?

Source: Hamilton Spectator

Sloppy Seconds And The Parasites In Concert - Indianapolis, IN
Q: How reliable are claims by businesses that offer lice treatment that “selfies” are spreading head lice among ...
Full article at: Hamilton Spectator 1 day ago, 8:41am CDT

What are nematodes?

Source: Mother Nature Network

Queen Sofia of Spain Visits Donana National Park
Have you ever pulled up vegetable plants such as tomatoes or peppers at the end of the growing season and noticed bumps along the underground portion of the stem or on the roots? Did you wonder what those were? Wonder no more.   You’ve got nematodes — and not the good ...
Full article at: Mother Nature Network 1 day ago, 7:54am CDT

Officials Confirm Presence of Bed Bugs in NC Marine Base, My Cleaning Products Suggests a Spray to Kill Bed Bugs Right Away

Source: PRWeb

Bed bugs infested a Marine base in North Carolina, said a report. In order to help anyone dealing with those critters, My Cleaning Products suggested a spray to kill bed bugs fast and safe.(PRWeb April 14, 2014)Read the full story at http://www.prweb.c ...
Full article at: PRWeb 2 days ago, 10:59am CDT

Yuck of the week: Amoeba makes you sick by chewing on and spitting out bits of intestine

Source: Med City News

2010 Miss America Pageant Preliminary Competition
A gut-eating amoeba (green) nibbles on a live human cell (purple) under the microscope. The parasite chews on the cell before killing and discarding it. The suffering stomach bugs cause are bad enough, but what’s worse is how a certain amoeba create food poisoning that can last months. NPR reported on a new discovery: The single-cell animal bites off tiny chunks of intestine, chews on them for a whil ...
Full article at: Med City News 2 days ago, 6:42am CDT

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Source: Winnipeg Free Press

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Derrick Adams: What's the nit-picking problem?


Head lice are creepy but harmless. ...
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Water quality violations, $55K fine leave Steelton residents with unanswered questions


New Hillsborough Disaster Inquests To Open
Was Steelton's water system contaminated with the parasite Giardia lamblia last year? The water authority is meeting ...
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