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Petro Poroshenko

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Petro Poroshenko Press ConferenceDaily Life In Kiev Ahead Of The Ukrainian Presidential ElectionGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel Meets With Ukrainian Presidential Candidate Petro Poroshenko In Berlin

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Clashes in Donetsk as Ukraine makes gains against rebels

Source: Channel News Asia

DONETSK, Ukraine: Mortar blasts rocked the outskirts of rebel stronghold Donetsk on Tuesday as Ukrainian soldiers clashed again with pro-Russian insurgents a day after five civilians were reported killed by shelling in the area.AFP reporters heard artillery fire coming from the Ukrainian side in the village of Oktyabrsky close to the airport, which has now come under full government control. A pro-Russian militant stands guard next to a Ukrai ...
Full article at: Channel News Asia 3 days ago, 12:21pm CDT


Train carrying bodies of MH17 victims arrives in Ukrainian-controlled city

Source: MyFox 8 WGHO

KHARKIV, Ukraine — A train carried the remains of most victims from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 from the crash site in rebel-controlled territory to a government-controlled city Tuesday — getting the bodies one step closer to their grieving families around the world. The train traveled from the crash site in rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine and arrived at a rail station in Kharkiv and were taken to a closed military area, where the 282 bodies will be put in c ...
Full article at: MyFox 8 WGHO 4 days ago, 5:40am CDT

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MH17 Crash: Russia's Ministry Of Defence Tells A Very Different Story About What Happened To Doomed Plane

Source: The Huffington Post: UK Edition

Russia has released what it claims is new evidence that Ukrainian warplanes and a US satellite lead to the crash of MH17, as it faces mounting global fury over the tragedy. Four days after the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crashed in eastern Ukraine, the international community and the families of the 298 people on board who died are no closer to learning what happened. Ukraine and the West have present ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post: UK Edition 4 days ago, 3:14am CDT

Rebels hand over Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 black boxes

Source: MyFox 8 WGHO

Watch Video DONETSK, Ukraine — Rebels gave Malaysian officials the data recorders from downed Flight 17 on Tuesday, days after the passenger jet crashed in eastern Ukraine. “We believe these are the black boxes and these boxes will reveal the truth,” said Alexander Borodai, the self-declared rebel Prime Minister in Donetsk. It was a significant step forward in an investigation that’s been stalled for days, but key questions remained unans ...
Full article at: MyFox 8 WGHO 4 days ago, 8:40pm CDT

Separatists preventing access to MH17 crash site, says Obama

Source: Asia One

KUALA LUMPUR - President Barack Obama has criticised Russia and its backed-separatists in Ukraine, who continue block to investigators from accessing the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash site, and tampering with evidence there."Russian-backed separatists who control the area continue to block the investigation. They've repeatedly prevented international investigators to have full access to the wreckage. As investigators approached, they ...
Full article at: Asia One 4 days ago, 7:54pm CDT

World leaders demand access to Malaysia Air crash site


It’s been four days since Malaysia Airlines flight 17 crashed to the ground in Ukraine with 298 people on board and frustration is growing over a lack of information and openness. Leaders across the world are demanding that Moscow use its influence to convince pro-Russia rebels to open up access to the area of the crash site. Russian President Vladimir Putin responded with a call for a “humanitarian corridor” to the crash site. Australian Prime Minister ...
Full article at: 5 days ago, 8:56am CDT

Malaysia Airlines MH17: Is This The BUK Missile Launcher That Brought Down The Jet? (VIDEO)

Source: The Huffington Post: UK Edition

Footage purportedly showing the BUK missile launcher that shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 being spirited back to Russia has emerged. Captured on a dashboard camera, the film shows a substantial piece of machinery shrouded in khaki tarpaulin, positioned on the back of a military truck. It was uploaded to YouTube on 19 July and is time stamped 8.45pm. Footage of a piece of machinery purported to be the missile launcher which shot down MH17 ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post: UK Edition 5 days ago, 5:33am CDT

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Putin vows to cooperate as blame for MH17 crash piles on Russia

Source: Channel News Asia

GRABOVE, Ukraine: Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to cooperate with outraged world leaders seeking access to the site of downed flight MH17, after Washington blamed Moscow for the crash.The under-fire Russian leader appeared to seek to temper international fury after US Secretary of State John Kerry said the missile system used to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines jet was "transferred from Russia in the ha ...
Full article at: Channel News Asia 5 days ago, 9:42pm CDT

MH17 crash: Rebels refuse to hand over bodies

Source: Asia One

KUALA LUMPUR - Emergency workers recovered 196 bodies from the MH17 crash site at the Ukraine-Russia border but armed rebels forced them to hand over the bodies. They then loaded the victims onto refrigerated train wagons which are said to be bound for a rebel-held city.RELATED STORIESDowning of MH17: All the latest reportsThe rebels have also found the black box but are hanging on to it. They say they will only deal with the International Civil Aviation Organi­sation (ICAO).Inves ...
Full article at: Asia One 5 days ago, 8:13pm CDT

John Kerry: ‘Drunken separatists’ interfering at MH17 crash site

Source: MyFox 8 WGHO

GRABOVE, Ukraine — Are the same separatists accused of shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 now looting, tampering with the evidence and stopping investigators from combing through the wreckage? Three days after the passenger plane plunged to the ground, criticism over the handling of the crash site in rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine showed no signs of slowing on Sunday. Key questions remain unanswered: What will happen to the remains of the 298 people a ...
Full article at: MyFox 8 WGHO 5 days ago, 7:08pm CDT


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