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Tiny battery powered Projector possible with Photon Vacuum

Tiny battery powered Projector possible with Photon Vacuum
Finland's Upstream Engineering announces a revolutionary optical technology called Photon Vacuum that will bring the...
Read more Mar 7 2004, 2:51pm EST


Photonics: Light goes one way on a chip

Source: Nature

A device that controls light so that it travels in just one direction could be used in high-speed computers that carry signals using light, rather than electric charges.A team led by Lan Yang and Şahin Kaya Özdemir at Washington University in ...
Full article at: Nature 2 days ago, 12:00am CDT

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Topological insulator - a novel optical and microwave-absorbing material

Source: Nanowerk Nanotechnology Spotlight

March Du Nain Rouge
Recently, a new Dirac material - a lattice system where the excitations are described by relativistic Dirac or Weyl equations - namely a topological insulator (TI), entered researchers' sight. TIs possess a small band gap in their bulk state and a gapless metallic state at their edge/surface. A research group working on two-dimensional materials photonicshas now experimentally demonstrated for the first time tha ...
Full article at: Nanowerk Nanotechnology Spotlight 2 days ago, 3:18am CDT

A quantum logic gate between light and matter


Scientists at Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Garching, Germany, successfully process quantum information with a system comprising an optical photon and a trap ...
Full article at: Apr 10 2014, 9:22am CDT

Scalable, universal quantum computer? Quantum information processed with system comprising optical photon and trapped atom

Source: Science Daily

When it comes to recognizing complex patterns or to decoding encrypted messages, conventional computers reach their limits. A whole new quality in the communication and processing of data is expected from a technology that exploits the special properties of quantum particles such as superposition and entanglement. Scientists are pursuing a variety of different concepts towards the development of such a quantum computer. One professor follows the strategy o ...
Full article at: Science Daily Apr 9 2014, 2:57pm CDT

How To Build a Quantum Telescope

Source: Slashdot

March Du Nain Rouge
KentuckyFC (1144503) writes "The resolving power of telescopes is limited by the diffraction limit, a natural bound on resolution caused by the way light diffracts as it passes through a lens. But in recent years, physicists have worked out how to use quantum techniques to beat the diffraction limit. The trick is to create a pair of entangled photons, use one to illuminate the target and the other to increase the ...
Full article at: Slashdot Apr 7 2014, 7:44am CDT

Technology that can deliver 'NSA proof' smartphones

Source: NDTV

March Du Nain Rouge
The system uses photons - single particles of light - as the information carrier and the scheme relies on the integrated quantu ...
Full article at: NDTV Apr 4 2014, 7:31am CDT

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Quantum computing: Quantum photon properties revealed in another particle -- the plasmon

Source: Science Daily

March Du Nain Rouge
One approach to make qubits for quantum computing relies on the creation of two single photons that interfere with one another in a device called a waveguide. Results from a recent applied science study support the idea that waveguides coupled with another quantum particle -- the surface plasmon -- co ...
Full article at: Science Daily Apr 3 2014, 8:26pm CDT

Quantum photon properties revealed in another particle—the plasmon


March Du Nain Rouge
( —For years, researchers have been interested in developing quantum computers—the theoretical next generation of technology that will outperform conventional computers. Instead of holding data in bits, the digital units used by computers today, quantum computers store information in units called "qubits." One approach for computing with qubits relies on the creation of two single photons that interfere with one another in a device called a ...
Full article at: Apr 3 2014, 5:07pm CDT

Quantum cryptography for mobile phones

Source: EurekaAlert

March Du Nain Rouge
An ultra-high security scheme that could one day get quantum cryptography using Quantum Key Distribution into mobile devices has been developed and demonstrated by researchers from the University of Bristol's Centre ...
Full article at: EurekaAlert Apr 2 2014, 11:00pm CDT


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