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Real Lightsaber is Created

Real Lightsaber is Created
MIT and Harvard scientists have created real life lightsaber molecules. A fictional Star Wars device could come to reality in near future.
Read more Sep 28 2013, 1:19am CDT

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A quantum logic gate between light and matter


Scientists at Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Garching, Germany, successfully process quantum information with a system comprising an optical photon and a trapped atom. ...
Full article at: 6 days ago, 9:22am CDT

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New 'switch' could power quantum computing


Using a laser to place individual rubidium atoms near the surface of a lattice of light, scientists at MIT and Harvard University have developed a new method for connecting particles—one that could help in the development of powerf ...
Full article at: Apr 9 2014, 1:03pm CDT

Ultrabright lasers help switch single photons


( —In the search for a single photon source, researchers in Australia and France have achieved a major step towards a turn-key source of individual, precisely tailored pho ...
Full article at: Mar 31 2014, 8:10am CDT

The Quantum Byte is Here! Where is my Quantum Computer?

The Quantum Byte is Here! Where is my Quantum Computer?
Austrian Scientists at the IQOQI (Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information) have created the first Quantum...
Read more Nov 30 2005, 12:53pm EST

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