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Celebrities Attend Range Rover LaunchCelebrities Attend Range Rover LaunchCelebrities Attend Range Rover Launch

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New Range Rover unveiled with All-aluminum Monocoque

New Range Rover unveiled with  All-aluminum Monocoque
The new fourth generation Range Rover will debut at the Paris Motor Show. See the first images below.
Read more Aug 16 2012, 2:15am CDT


SDSU police searching for harassment suspect

Source: San Diego Local News 1

Celebrities Attend Range Rover Launch
Police were on the lookout Sunday for the man who jumped out of a red, newer-model Range Rover on the San Diego State University campus and tried to ...
Full article at: San Diego Local News 1 1 hour ago

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Police Seek Person of Interest in Hit-and-Run

Source: NBC Philadelphia

Collingdale Police Chief Robert Adams wants to speak with Conroy Williams. Adams says Williams is a person of interest in an intentional hit-and-run case. Police in suburban Philadelphia rushed to the scene of a hit-and-run this morning to find a bloodied man and a crashed sports utility vehicle that appeared to have been intentionally used to run down the victim. The scene played out Saturday mor ...
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Motor Mouth: Once-hated car trends now totally in vogue

Source: Driving Canada

BMW unveiled its X4 at the New York Auto Show this week. It’s a sleek affair, its even-numbered numerical designation indicating that it is a Sports Activity Coupe with a sporty sloping rear roofline as opposed to the odd-numbered X models that are Sports Activity Vehicles (persnickety differentiations obviously the mark of good marketing these days) with more traditional sport-ute profiles. Pedantic alphanumeric concerns aside, I su ...
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Elderly Man Dies in Hit and Run

Source: NBC San Diego

Japan's land, infrastructure, transport
 An 89-year-old pedestrian died after a collision with an SUV in San Ysidro Saturday afternoon. According to San Diego Police, the elderly man was walking across Cottonwood Road near Beyer Boulevard in the middle of the block. As he crossed, he was hit by a red or maroon SUV hatchback— described as a possible Land Rover or Range Rover. The driver did not stop to check on the man, but instead continued driving south ...
Full article at: NBC San Diego Apr 12 2014, 9:04pm CDT

Land Rover will let you see through the hood of the Discovery Vision

Source: Driving Canada

John Key Switches On The Auckland Electric Rail Network
Land Rover has released another teaser of the Discovery Vision concept, this time previewing a piece of technology that’s decidedly different. When the Discovery Vision bows at this month’s New York International Auto Show, it will do so with a hood that is “virtually invisible” — or so says Land Rover. The technology, known as the “Transparent Hood”, uses cameras located up front. The cameras then relay data and images of the terrain below onto a h ...
Full article at: Driving Canada Apr 8 2014, 6:01pm CDT

Land Rover Range Rover

Source: Pickup Connection

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
The Land Rover Range Rover is a large luxury SUV that’s one of the most easily recognized cars in the world. Case in point: Prince William and Duchess Kate brought their newborn baby in one. Most owners would say that the Range Rover is without rival, but it has some fierce competition as a luxury good, ...
Full article at: Pickup Connection Apr 6 2014, 4:46pm CDT

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NBA: Warriors Beat LA Clippers 109-105 for 1-0 Lead in Playoff Series
NBA: Warriors Beat LA Clippers 109-105 for 1-0 Lead in Playoff Series
The Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Clippers 109-105 on April 19 to take a 1-0 lead in their best-of-seven first round playoff series.
Customized gold iPhones given away as wedding favors
Customized gold iPhones given away as wedding favors
President of Nigeria had his daughter’s wedding and each guests received a gold iPhone as wedding favor
Leaked images show off OnePlus One, StyleSwap covers too
Leaked images show off OnePlus One, StyleSwap covers too
The handset has a minimalistic design approach which falls perfectly in sync with the typical Oppo style

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Source: Hyundai Reports

Japan's land, infrastructure, transport
The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is a stylish, prestigious SUV that can seat up to five passengers. The 2014 redesign weighs less than its predecessor, due to its aluminum body. It competes with other sports-oriented luxury SUVs, like the Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes M-Class, the BMW X5 and X6. See our 20 ...
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SUVs the new head of the family

Source: Driving Canada

The importance of SUVs to automotive manufacturers can’t be overstated. These vehicles have replaced the family station wagon, and largely the minivan, as the preferred — and cooler — method of transporting the kids and their gear, and of course adult stuff too. SUVs underpin family recreation thanks to all-wheel drive and exceptional towing ability when properly equipped. The same vehicle can also serve more pedestrian needs as well, such as da ...
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