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SUE WONG Fall 2014 Runway Show: "Edwardian Romance"SUE WONG Fall 2014 Runway Show: "Edwardian Romance"SUE WONG Fall 2014 Runway Show: "Edwardian Romance"

Kristen Stewart gets new look with orange hair

Kristen Stewart gets new look with orange hair
The Twilight star has dyed her hair orange for her role in the upcoming American Ultra
Read more Apr 6 2014, 11:43am CDT

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Garcia Marquez: More than just a magic realist

Source: Brownsville Herald

Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez
NEW YORK (AP) — Magic realism was only one of his gifts. From crime stories and village folklore to romance and satire, Gabriel Garcia Marquez brought poetry to virtually every popular genre. ...
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Online Dating Websites to Find Your Ture Love

Best Online Dating Websites
The online dating sites helps you to connect with the right partner in a most suitable way. These websites will help you find your true love.
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When a Romance Is Threatened, People Rebound With God

Source: Miller-McCune

In moments of personal crisis and distress, like a cancer diagnosis, research has shown that people turn to God. And though people don’t interact in the same way with God as they do with other humans, the divine is often characterized in the same terms as interpersonal relationships. But does God actually act as a sort of stand-in for an intimate partner when religious people are having romance trouble? In a new study published in Social P ...
Full article at: Miller-McCune 1 day ago, 6:56pm CDT

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Will They Reunite At Cannes?

Source: Hollywood Life

Asian Film Awards 2014
How far they’ve come since ‘Twilight! ...
Full article at: Hollywood Life 2 days ago, 11:44am CDT

Robert Pattinson Dates Elvis Granddaughter Riley Keough

Robert Pattinson Dates Elvis Granddaughter Riley Keough
New reports say that Robert Pattinson has moved on from Kristen Stewart.
Read more Jul 3 2013, 1:13am CDT

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, And Ryan Gosling Are Heading To The Cannes Film Festival

Source: Buzzfeed

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling poses during
Robert Pattinson and his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart both have movies at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, while Ryan Gosling will premiere his directorial debut. Here’s more on the star-filled lineup. Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson in The Rover. A24 The Rover, starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson and set in a gritty near-future Australia, will have its premiere at midnight at the Cannes Film Festival next month. The movie — ...
Full article at: Buzzfeed 2 days ago, 9:46am CDT

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Peaches Geldof to be Laid to Rest on Easter Monday
Peaches Geldof: Funeral to be Held on Easter Monday
Peaches Geldof is to be laid to rest soon after her sudden death due to unknown causes. Some say that after being incinerated, her remains will be spread in the soil surrounding her family residence. On the other hand Peaches Geldof may be buried.
Padma Lakshmi Shows Bad Taste in Fashion
Padma Lakshmi Shows Bad Taste in Fashion
The otherwise slim and smart Padma Lakshmi showed bad taste in fashion with her latest ensemble. The midriff baring look simply did not make her appear as presentable as she ought to have been.
Idris Elba Welcomes Son Winston Elba
Idris Elba Becomes Dad Again
British actor Idris Elba has become a dad again. Elba’s girlfriend Naiyana Garth gave birth to a baby boy, named Winston Elba, on Thursday.

Sex in the Springtime

Source: Miller-McCune

"Tie The Knot" Store Grand Opening With Founder Jesse Tyler Ferguson
There is no moment more universally recognized as symbolic of renewal than the coming of spring. Previously shackled by cold air and short days, men and women are finally freed from the confines of their homes and offices to lounge in the sun, travel, and fill up the outdoor leisure spaces of the world. In almost every culture on the planet, spring is seen as a time of growth and rebirth. Flowers bloom. Animals emerge from their winter refuges. Homes, towns, a ...
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“Date at Your Own Risk”: Coworkers Perceptions of Workplace Romances


Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Draft Day" - Arrivals
Workplace romances are very common in contemporary organizations. In 2004, The Wall Street Journal reported that 47% of employees were currently involved in a workplace romance, and 19% would engage in one if the opportunity arose. However, little attention has been placed on other colleague reactions to workplace romances, and how they might perceive those involved. In an article published in the Western Journal of Communication, authors Renee Cowan and Sean Horan studied how coworke ...
Full article at: 3 days ago, 11:20am CDT

Harlequin Romance Novels Land on DS in Japan

Harlequin Romance Novels Land on DS in Japan
I like to read when I have time and prefer action stories or science fiction. There are lots of ladies out there who...
Read more Mar 15 2010, 12:00pm CDT


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