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Karima 'Ruby' el-Mahroug

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Which Americans are/were cool?

Source: World Magazine

The most un-cool Washington museum has long been the National Portrait Gallery. It’s not on the National Mall. It had neither a Wright Brothers airplane nor or a space capsule, neither the star-spangled banner that inspired Francis Scott Key nor Dorothy’s ruby slippers. But all those sedate portraits of American presidents and bearded late-19th-century industrialists had gravitas. This summer, though, the National Portrait G ...
Full article at: World Magazine 3 days ago, 11:54am CDT


Quick Programs For Internet Marketing - A Background

Source: Experience Project

The Latest On Fast Advice For Search Engine Optimization org Frog CMS This software is based on the Ruby sometimes su ...
Full article at: Experience Project 5 days ago, 4:20pm CDT

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7 Reasons to Develop Your Next Web App with Meteor

Source: SitePoint

When I first learned about the Meteor JavaScript framework, I saw someone write, "Meteor is to Node.js as Rails is to Ruby," and I think that's a good comparison. A few years ago, Rails was the hot new thing on the web, sprinkling some useful "magic" through the development process to make programming on the web more approachable and pleasant. Out of the countless new frameworks that have spawned as o ...
Full article at: SitePoint Jul 21 2014, 2:00pm CDT

Vagrantfile Explained: Setting Up and Provisioning with Shell

Source: SitePoint

In the first part of this article, we showed you how to create a Vagrant base box, installing the latest Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in the virtual machine to use it as the guest operating system. In this part you will learn how to setup a development environment using Vagrant, which you can use and reuse in your development. Note that while you can use the box we created in the previous part for the remainder of th ...
Full article at: SitePoint Jul 19 2014, 11:00am CDT

Rake: Automate All the Things

Source: SitePoint

But before you sink your teeth into engineering the stunning designs and concepts of your new web app, there are a series of necessary, although seemingly trivial, details to be addressed. Things like: Cleaning up the Gemfile Initializing a git repository Setting up gems for your toolkits like Bootstrap Configuring guard + spark, etc. These steps will, of course, be beneficial for you as you develop your proj ...
Full article at: SitePoint Jul 18 2014, 9:00am CDT

Silvio Berlusconi Wins Appeal in Underage Prostitution Trial

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The 77-year-old media tycoon and former Italian prime minister was cleared of the charge of paying cabaret dancer "Ruby the Heartstealer" for sex when she ...
Full article at: The Hollywood Reporter Jul 18 2014, 6:45am CDT

Pokemon Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire New Screens Showcase Redesigned Gym Leaders

Source: Gamer Syndrome

Some brand new screenshots are now available for Pokemon Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire, the new Pokemon games currently in development for Nintendo 3DS. The new screenshots, which can be found on Nintendo’s official Japanese website, showcase the Gym Leaders of the game. As all fans of the original Pokemon R ...
Full article at: Gamer Syndrome Jul 18 2014, 5:58am CDT

Latest stories

Freddie Prinze Jr Calls Kiefer Sutherland Unprofessional, Former Colleagues Respond
Freddie Prinze Jr Calls Kiefer Sutherland Unprofessional, Former Colleagues Respond
Over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Freddie Prinze Jr called '24' action star, Kiefer Sutherland, "unprofessional" while putting the man on blast for being short. Sutherland, Fox officials, and former 24 actors respond.
Apple launches new MacBook Pro Laptops
Apple launches new MacBook Pro Laptops
Apple released new MacBook Pro models on the Apple Store this morning.
Audrina Patridge splits from Boyfriend and hits Comic-Con as Mystique
Audrina Patridge splits from Boyfriend and hits Comic-Con as Mystique
Reality TV Star had a big weekend at the Comic-con 2014. Now though news breaks that she splits from her boyfriend of five years. Did she meet a nerd at the Comic-con that stole her heart?

Astrology.Com Daily FinanceScopes -- Friday July 18, 2014

Source: Yahoo! Shine Health

Aries (March 21 - April 19) You're feeling a bit wasteful today. Ruby slippers are fabulous, but a ruby shovel or pick ax would just be silly. Why throw your money away just because you can, Aries? ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Health Jul 17 2014, 11:46am CDT

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Get New Mega Evolution

Source: ign

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are set to feature a new Mega Evolution in the form of the Steel and Psychic monster, Metagross. The latest trailer for the game, which you can see below, reveals the impressive new version of Metagross, and also confirms the gym leaders and Elite Four have all received makeovers in preparation for their 3DS debut. By far the most exciting, however, is the news that Pokemon Amie returns, ...
Full article at: ign Jul 15 2014, 2:30am CDT

Pokemon Trailer Shows Off Cosplay Pikachu, Mega Evolutions, Pokemon-Amie

Source: cinema blend

It looks like the Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Saphire remakes will be mixing a little old with a little new, complementing the new graphics and battle engine with Mega transformations for select critters and even the Pokemon-Amie mode for fans who like to spend quality time with their favorite ‘Mo ...
Full article at: cinema blend Jul 14 2014, 4:20pm CDT


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