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Replacing Mechanisms with Microchips

Replacing Mechanisms with Microchips
Probably the most important contributor to the semiconductor market’s continued rapid growth has been its ability to...
Read more Jan 30 2014, 11:58pm CST


Lensbaby Unveils Composer Pro Lens for DSLR Cameras

Lensbaby Unveils Composer Pro Lens for DSLR Cameras
New lens offers more artistic capability
Read more Apr 5 2011, 11:24am CDT

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7 daily exercises that will make you a better photographer

Source: PhotoRadar

'Olympus OM-D: Photography Playground' Opening
The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is as valid for photography as any other activity, so in their latest guest blog post the photo management and Canon Project1709 experts at Photoventure put together a collection of exercises that will help you become a better photographer. 1. Spot meter Modern metering systems have great general-purpose modes, often called Evaluative, Matrix or Multi-area, which do a great job of accessing a scene and s ...
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CES 2011: Tiffen Debuts Fluid Tripod for DSLR Cameras

CES 2011: Tiffen Debuts Fluid Tripod for DSLR Cameras
New Tripod at CES from Tiffen
Read more Dec 21 2010, 10:17am CST

Google Brings Faux-Bokeh To Newest Version of Camera App

Source: Pop Photo

Google Glasses
By calculating depth from a series of photos, the new version of Google Camera can simulate bokeh Google has just rolled out a new version of its Google Camera app to Google Play—and with the new version comes the ability to blur out backgrounds. But unlike, say, the crude fuzziness of Instagram, Google Camera actually takes a much more advanced path to figuring out where and how much to blur—it generates a depth map based from a series of pictures to correctly ide ...
Full article at: Pop Photo 2 days ago, 10:32am CDT

How to make a boring sunset more dramatic

Source: PhotoRadar

'Olympus OM-D: Photography Playground' Opening
Do your sunrise and sunset images often look flat and dull? Try these simple photo editing tips to make them more dramatic! The main problem when shooting sunrises or sunsets is getting detail in both the sky and foreground. Even if you use a graduated neutral density filter, it’s often impossible to get the balance exactly right. Shoot in Raw, though, and you’ll find that the tools in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) in Photoshop will allow you to get much more detail ou ...
Full article at: PhotoRadar 3 days ago, 4:29am CDT

Sony DSC-WX5 3D Camera announced

Sony DSC-WX5 3D Camera announced
Sony today unveiled two new Cyber-shot digital still cameras with the Sony DSC-TX9 and the DSC-WX5 that are the world's...
Read more Jul 8 2010, 3:26am CDT

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She claims she was given a shot for Tuberculosis with an infected needle in the custody of Sheriff Joe
Loch Ness Monster detected by Apple's satellite map app
Loch Ness Monster detected by Apple's map
Satellite photographs creature swimming below the surface of the world famous loch

Stock Android Camera App Now Available on Google Play

Source: IGN

Google Glasses
Google has released its stock Google Camera app on the Google Play store, with a couple of neat new features included. A lens blur effect has been added, allowing you to emphasise the subject while blurring the background for a fancy SLR-style bokeh effect. Users can even change the focus subject after taking the shot. Also new is a feature that allows users to capture 360-degree photo spheres at ...
Full article at: IGN 3 days ago, 1:17am CDT

Google launches new Google Camera app with Lens Blur, brings Photo Sphere to non-Nexus devices

Source: Cricketnext

Boston Prepares For 2014 Marathon
Lens Blur in Google Camera produces SLR-like shallow depth-of-field results. It emphasises a subject by blurring ...
Full article at: Cricketnext 3 days ago, 11:52pm CDT

Polaroid PIC-300 Breaks Cover

Polaroid PIC-300 Breaks Cover
Remember the days of the instant camera? For a brief, glorious time, convenience met portability. Then digital cameras...
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