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Under the Dome Displays Strange Telekinetic Powers

Under the Dome: Watch Season 2 Promo Now
CBS's Under the Dome series has introduced its season two promotional video. And it displays strange telekinetic powers that affect everyone except for one individual.
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Eiffel Tower Celebrates 125th Anniversary

Eiffel Tower: 125 Years of French Glory
The Eiffel Tower was not there 125 years ago. But today it stands as a French symbol of progress and science. Eiffel Tower reflects 125 years of French glory.
Read more Apr 1 2014, 10:37am CDT

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The Design Flaw That Almost Wiped Out an NYC Skyscraper

Source: Slashdot

Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "Joel Werner writes in Slate that when Citicorp Center was built in 1977 it was, at 59 stories, the seventh-tallest building in the world but no one figured out until after it was built that although the chief structural engineer, William LeMessurier, had properly accounted for perpendicular winds, the building was particularly vulnerable to quartering winds — in part due to cost-saving change ...
Full article at: Slashdot 5 hours ago

Review: The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner

Review: The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner
Let the robots do the swiffering for you.
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Easter Bunny on Willis Tower's 'Ledge'

Source: WLS

The Neighbourhood In Concert - Chicago, Illinois
You can take your Easter to new heights by meeting the Easter Bunny on the Willis Tower Skydeck ...
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'It's a godsend'

Source: Mail Tribune

Oceana's New York City Benefit
On Sept. 11, 2001, Darleen Anderson was trapped for 40 minutes under rubble and dust in her apartment after the World Trade Center collapsed across the street ...
Full article at: Mail Tribune 1 day ago, 12:50am CDT

Wood Apple iPad Case is truly unique

Wood Apple iPad Case is truly unique
The Wood Case for the iPad is available soon at Vers for $79.99. I’ve written about many cases for the iPad but this...
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Nike is Not Shutting Down FuelBand, But Facing Downslide in Wearable Devices
Nike is Not Shutting Down FuelBand, But Facing Downslide in Wearable Devices
Nike has not stopped its FuelBand production. However, it seems to be facing a downslide in the department of wearable devices.
Peaches Geldof to be Laid to Rest on Easter Monday
Peaches Geldof to be Laid to Rest on Easter Monday
Peaches Geldof is to be laid to rest soon after her sudden death due to unknown causes. Some say that after being incinerated, her remains will be spread in the soil surrounding her family residence. On the other hand Peaches Geldof may be buried.
Padma Lakshmi Shows Bad Taste in Fashion
Padma Lakshmi Shows Bad Taste in Fashion
The otherwise slim and smart Padma Lakshmi showed bad taste in fashion with her latest ensemble. The midriff baring look simply did not make her appear as presentable as she ought to have been.

Wallenda says Willis Tower not suited for high-wire act

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Tightrope walker, Nik Wallenda crosses N
Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda, who’s already walked across Niagra Falls, wants to do a walk in Chicago. He was in the city Thursday to scout sites but says the city’s two tallest buildings — the Willis Tower and the Trump International Hotel and Tower — likely aren’t suitable. ...
Full article at: Chicago Sun-Times 2 days ago, 2:47pm CDT

Sneak Peek: Shangri-La Hotel, at the Shard, London

Source: Robb Report

Traditional Folk Architecture In Slovakia
The Shangri-La moves into Europe’s tallest building. Why Go: Go for the views. The Shangri-La stands back from the City of London on the southern bank of the Thames. Its perch on floors 34 through 52 of the Shard, Europe’s tallest building, showcases landmarks across the city. Atop the London Bridge train station, the new modern skyscraper juts out into the skyline like a lone needle so that no view i ...
Full article at: Robb Report 2 days ago, 2:00am CDT

Lightspace Interactive LED Dance Floor

Lightspace Interactive LED Dance Floor
A couple days ago a story about MIT students building their own USB controlled LED Disco Dance Floor appeared. If...
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