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University of Miami

Breaking News about University of Miami:

Walt Mossberg’s Reviews Can Make a Company Gain or Lose Millions in Profits

Walt Mossberg’s Reviews Can Make a Company Gain or Lose Millions in Profits
Joseph Johnson, an assistant professor at the University of Miami School of Business Administration has conducted a...
Read more Jul 3 2008, 11:29am CDT

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Global warming seven miles up: Researchers say rising levels of water vapour high in Earth's atmosphere could intensify the effects of climate change

Source: Daily Mail - UK

The increasing amounts of water in the upper troposphere (pictured) are a direct result of human activity, University of Miami researchers say. ...
Full article at: Daily Mail - UK 2 days ago, 6:12pm CDT

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UM upgrades wireless network, tripling campus access points

Source: South Florida Business Journal

Gone are the days when University of Miami students plugged a DSL cable into the wall to search the Web. “We have students bringing in Wiis, PlayStation 4s, Apple TVs,” said Stewart Seruya, UM’s chief network officer for information technology. “So in one room, with two students, you have eight or 10 devices connected to the wireless.” UM will overhaul the wireless network for its three main campuses and its health system by the end ...
Full article at: South Florida Business Journal 2 days ago, 2:05pm CDT

Bears fans are so excited about training camp they're cheering for punts

Source: SBNation

When you're watching football practice, you've got to find something to keep it interesting. Chicago Bears fans may have found their new hero: the punter. But rookie Pat O'Donnell is no ordinary punter. He's "Mega Punt," a new nickname bestowed upon him by excited fans watching him fire off moon shots at training camp this weekend. Also, chanting for punters is a good reminder of just how exciting training camp really isn ...
Full article at: SBNation 3 days ago, 9:57am CDT

Guy Arrested At Baseball Game For Being Drunk Stands Up For The Constitution*

Source: SportsGrid

Few things are funnier/sadder than someone who doesn’t fully understand the extent to which they are protected by their Constitutional rights but cries injustice as if they’re an expert…to an actual expert. Last week, a University of Miami Law student released video of his deposition with defense attorneys who were trying to get to the bottom of his law suit against Ryan Braun, but we’re held up because this douche wa ...
Full article at: SportsGrid 6 days ago, 11:38am CDT

8 Major Mistakes That Can Mess with Your Eyes

Source: Women's Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Beauty

Time to change these habits <i>now</i>. Does your get-healthy mission include your eyes? It may after you hear this terrifying story about a woman who went blind after keeping her same contacts in for six months. According to the Daily Mail, a student in Taiwan kept disposable contacts in for six months, and an amoeba ate away at h ...
Full article at: Women's Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Beauty Jul 24 2014, 2:24pm CDT

What’s trending: July 23, 2014


Mascot walks bridge down the aisle: A Miami bride couldn’t walk down the aisle with her football fan father, who died two years ago, so instead she was joined by a very special guest. See her guests’ reaction when the University of Miami mascot pops up — a memorable homage to her late dad. Whale encounter: A father and daughter kayaking team came up close and person with a pod of whales off the coast of Argentina. One crazy ride: The “Sky Tower” in Denmark has to be one of the simplest and ...
Full article at: Jul 23 2014, 4:31am CDT

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Kate Upton on Prettiness and its Discontents
Kate Upton on Prettiness and its Discontents
Kate Upton’s cover for Elle magazine is sexy alright but not as super sexy as it should be. For one thing, her upper body is hidden beneath layers of clothes and it is only her lithe and lissome legs which are visible from beneath the baggage. ...
Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron hook up in Ibiza
Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron hook up in Ibiza
The girl in the Fast & Furious series, Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron hooked up with each other in Ibiza. Even Justin Bieber was there for some fun.
Samsung is launching two new phones this year
Samsung is launching two new phones this year
In a bid to encourage investors, Samsung revealed its plan to release two new phones this year. Will it even matter now?

New Music: Brianna Perry – I’m That B.I.T.C.H.

Source: Your Music My World

Rapper Briana Perry hit the scene a few years ago making her name as a rapper as she finished college, now a college grade from University of Miami, Brianna is ready to go full time with her rapping career. The Atlantic unleashed her new single  “I’m That B.I.T.C.H.” On August 12 Brianna will  star alongside fellow femcees Diamond, Siya, Bia, and Nyemiah Supreme on Oxygen’s reality show “Sisterhood of Hip Hop,” which has a special preview tonight ...
Full article at: Your Music My World Jul 22 2014, 8:10pm CDT

Price tag unveiled for University of Miami’s big land sale

Source: South Florida Business Journal

The price of the University of Miami’s previously announced sale of 80 acres near Zoo Miami has been disclosed in county records. Coral Reef RESI PH and Coral Reef Retail, both affiliates of Palm Beach Gardens-based Ram Realty Services, paid $22.1 million for the property in two transactions. That money should provide a sizable boost to UM’s coffers as it’s owned the land for decades. RELATED CONTENT: University of ...
Full article at: South Florida Business Journal Jul 16 2014, 10:56am CDT

Why Apologizing the Right Way Matters

Source: Yahoo! Shine Health

Saying, “I’m sorry” when you’ve hurt someone can be a hard thing to do. We’re stubborn creatures, after all, and don’t love copping to it when we’re wrong. But apologizing, and meaning it, is a vital part of the forgiveness process — a concept that’s now more understood than ever, thanks to researchers out of the University of Miami, who delved into the meaning behind this psychologica ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Health Jul 15 2014, 1:44pm CDT


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