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8THEIST License Plate Rejected while BAPTIST Accepted

8THEIST License Plate Rejected while BAPTIST Accepted
An 8THEIST license plate request by a New Jersey woman was rejected by the MVC. Meanwhile, a BAPTIST license plate was accepted leading the woman to sue the state for violating her First Amendment privileges.
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8THEIST Plates * Christian Britain * Easter Disaster : Tuesday’s Roundup

Source: Religion News Service

Easter Market In Prague
New Jersey doesn't seem to like atheist license plates. Some Brits don't want their PM to talk about Christianity. And no one died when a car plowed through Fort Myer's Second Haitian Baptist Church. Easter disaster or Easter miracle? The post 8THEIST Plates * Christian Britain * Easter Disaster : Tuesday’s Roundup appeared first on Religion News Service. ...
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After nearly 70 years, real estate veteran winds down career

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When he was still in high school, Russell Tripp used to head out on his bike looking for out-of-state l ...
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China Bans Usage of Military License Plates

China Bans Usgae of Military License Plates
The numbers of flashy cars with military license plates have the authorities in China all riled up. They are taking the appropriate anti-corruption measures to counter this ostentatious display of conspicuous consumption. The communist government does not want to ruin its image of a classless society and so banned the use of military license plates.
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Rep. Angelo Puppolo proud Boston Strong license plate bill he introduced becomes law


Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Rep. Angelo Puppolo Jr. is proud that legislation he introduced creating a Boston Strong license plate, honoring the victims of the marathon b ...
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License Plate Readers Helped Track Down the Kansas City Highway Shooter

Source: Complex

World Leaders Gather For Nuclear Security Summit 2014
The technology isn't without controversy, though. ...
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Atheist sues over New Jersey license plate refusal


Nashville Comic Con 2013 - Day 2
Shannon Morgan identifies as an atheist and wants the world, or at least the car behind her, to know it. But the state of New Jersey says no. Read more of the art ...
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LPR Technology Helps Solve KS Highway Shootings

Source: POLICE Magazine

Kansas City area drivers are resting easier today thanks to the work of police investigators using the latest in technology to identify a suspect in a series of highway shootings. The Los Angeles Times cites court paperwork identifying license plate reader technology as giving police a much needed break in their investigations.In March, drivers began reporting a series of shooting incidents on freeways south of Kansas City, Missouri. As the investigation progressed, police ...
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Most expensive License Plate catches $14.3m

Most expensive License Plate catches $14.3m
The most money ever paid for a car license plate is for the number 1 in the United Arab Emirates. Businessman Said...
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