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Wind turbine

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Bird Deaths Stop Wind Power Project In Ohio

Bird Deaths Stop Wind Power Project In Ohio
A wind power project near Toledo, Ohio has been delayed due to concerns about the impact the project would have on...
Read more Feb 3 2014, 1:05am CST

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GE Considering $604 Million Wind Turbine Deal With Brazilian Firm

Source: bidness etc

Beck's Beer Launches Live Beyond Labels Program With Aloe Blacc And Luis Fonsi In Miami
General Electric Company (GE) intends to produce 380MW capacity wind turbines worth 1.33 billion reais ($604 million) for a privately held Brazilian wind power producer, Casa dos Ventos. Casa dos Ventos has already decided to acquire 230MW turbines worth 805 million reais ($364.4 million) from GE, in a move to replace Wobben Wind Power, a subsidiary of Enercon GmbH, which had been unable to fulfill its contractual obligations.     Casa dos V ...
Full article at: bidness etc Jun 30 2014, 4:14pm CDT

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Wind turbine payback


US researchers have carried out an environmental lifecycle assessment of 2-megawatt wind turbines mooted for a large wind farm in the US Pacific Northwest. Writing in the International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing, they conclude that in terms of cumulative energy payback, or the time to produce the amount of energy required of production and installation, a wind turbine with a working life of 20 years will offer a net benefit within ...
Full article at: Jun 16 2014, 9:24am CDT

Google X Acquires Makani Power

Google X Acquires Makani Power
It is indeed a case of perfect timing. Google has just acquired Makani Power, the wind power company in its latest bid for more on its menu. The ideal merger, Google X will take Makani with it forward into the bright future of alternative energy.
Read more May 23 2013, 9:55am CDT

Shrouded Wind Turbine Hopefully Prevents Bird, Bat Collisions

Source: Sustainable Business

40 shrouded wind turbines will be studied in Altamont Pass, where 4300 birds die each year ...
Full article at: Sustainable Business Jun 3 2014, 2:06am CDT

Dutch company launches new-generation urban wind turbines


Could a new generation of wind turbines on residential rooftops be on the way? Saying no might be easy when imagining blade noise, if nothing else. The idea of wind turbines for generating energy in households may draw several arguments against the idea. One may argue the yield from current-generation turbines would be too low, along with having to put up with the noisy blades. A group based in Rotterdam which descri ...
Full article at: May 28 2014, 4:40am CDT

The Appraisal: Turbines Pop Up on New York Roofs, Along With Questions of Efficiency

Source: New York Times

Two new wind turbine installations have gone up recently, and at least half a dozen more are on the horizon, though it remains to be seen how popu ...
Full article at: New York Times May 26 2014, 10:25am CDT

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