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In this photograph taken March 29, 2015, Indonesians parade a float of durian and other produce during the durian festival in Wonosalam village in eastern Java island. Indonesia's passion for the exotic smelly fruit, which has a thick spiky outer skin that can cause serious... JUNI KRISWANTO/AFP/Getty Images

Plate with delicious sliced fruit
Delicious fruit in metal strainer
Bowl of orange fruit on table
Close up of hands skillfully juggling fruit
Fancy fruit topped cake on cake plate
Close up of ripe fruit on autumn tree
Close up of fruit resting in bowl of kitchen
Close up of fruit tart on glass plate
Close up of fruit filled ramekins on plate
Close up of delicious fruit in metal strainer
Large pile of fruit roles resting together in market
Overhead view of delicious fruit pies on table
Close up of delicious tropical biriba fruit in persons hand
Close up of heart-shaped fruit in pile of blueberries
Overhead close up of delicious sliced nectarine fruit
Close up of fruit ripening on branch with green leaves