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Prescription drugs overtake cannabis in fatal crashes

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Since 1993, the profile of a drugged driver has changed substantially. A study shows that more drivers are now testing positive for prescription drugs, cannabis, and multiple drugs, and they are more likely to be older than 50. The study finds that the percentage of drugged drivers with three or more drugs in their system nearly doubled from 1993 to 2010, increasing from 11.5 percent to 21.5 percent. “In 1993, about 1 in 8 drivers were using multiple drugs concurrently. By 2010, it was clos ...

Jun 23 2014, 11:00am CDT

Full article at: Science Daily YouTube Videos

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Update: 10

Here's Where Pot Might Be Legal Soon

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

Last week a marijuana legalization initiative officially qualified for the ballot in Oreg ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post 2 hours ago


Update: 9

US sees profound cultural shift on marijuana legalization

Source: McClatchy DC

More than a third of adults have smoked it - including the last three presidents. Dozens of songs and movies have been made about it. ...
Full article at: McClatchy DC 11 hours ago

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Update: 8

Does Health Insurance Cover Medical Cannabis

Source: Experience Project

Employment as a factor in the public medical condition. - There can be without doubt, therefore, that irregularity of employment as a condition ...
Full article at: Experience Project 1 day ago, 2:01pm CDT

Update: 6

The New York Times Backs Pot Legalization

Source: WSB Radio

The New York Times has officially endorsed the legalization of marijuana, but why now, ...
Full article at: WSB Radio 1 day ago, 1:43pm CDT

Update: 5

The New York Times calls for the legalization of marijuana


The nation's largest newspaper urges Congress to ta ...
Full article at: 1 day ago, 9:26am CDT

Update: 4

GovBeat: Guatemala’s president says he’s watching Colorado and Washington on pot legalization

Source: Post Politics: - The Washington Post

In an interview with The Washington Post on Thursday, he discussed his plans and approach to the legalization of marijuana. Read more here. Read ...
Full article at: Post Politics: - The Washington Post 1 day ago, 7:02am CDT

Update: 3

Coming soon to Utah liquor stores: cannabis oils?

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

A state senator who co-sponsored the bill legalizing the possession of cannabis extracts to treat children with epilepsy is considering ways to make it easier for Utah parents to get the oils, including potentially making them available at state liquor stores. Sen. Steve Urquhart, R-St. George, says the problem parents face now is that it is still technically illegal under federal law for them to possess or transport the oils, which are ...
Full article at: Salt Lake Tribune 1 day ago, 2:01am CDT

Update: 1

Here Are The Countries That Smoke The Most Marijuana

Source: The Business Insider

A recent United Nations report on drug use reveals drug trends around the world, including which countries have the highest rates of cannabis use. The United States, Canada, Nigeria, and Australia rank the highest, with over 10% of the population over age 15 admitting to using the drug. Western European countries also see fairly high rates of marijuana use, but did not rank in the highest category. Although much of America's pot comes from Mexico, the southerly coun ...
Full article at: The Business Insider 2 days ago, 1:59pm CDT


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