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Portugal scores late to tie the United States

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Manaus, Brazil – In the end, as the night seemed to suck the thick air right out of Arena Amazonia, as the roar softened to a dull nervous buzz, U.S. players staggered around the torn up pitch in exhausted bewilderment, many of them seeking out.. ...

Jun 22 2014, 11:22pm CDT

Full article at: The Orange County Register YouTube Videos

Topics: Amazon, Arena Amazônia

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Update: 10

The World's Smuttiest Places, Mapped

Source: Fact or Design

Profane places, from Cumbum to Little Dick Lake.Schoolboys have been snickering at the name of Peru's Lake Titicaca for what must be centuries right now, but in the grand lexicon of geographical place names, it barely even merits censoring: There are so many filthier sounding places in the w ...
Full article at: Fact or Design Jul 14 2014, 8:00am CDT


Update: 9

Major partner won't expand stake in mine near Ely

Source: MPR

The firm's partner in the Minnesota mining project, Toronto-based Duluth Metals, now has the option to buy out Antofagasta for $230 mi ...
Full article at: MPR Jul 3 2014, 5:55pm CDT

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Update: 8

Ingrid Cruz (39)

Source: imdb

Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas - Opening Ceremony
In 1975, Ingrid Cruz was born on this date in Antofa ...
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Update: 6

'They thought we weren't ready' - the Manaus training pitches that lie empty


SPECIAL REPORT: The city of Manaus has been one of the successes of the tournament but facilities built in preparation for team base cam ...
Full article at: Jun 27 2014, 5:25am CDT

Update: 5

World Cup Diary Part 9

Source: Online Gooner

More from Manau ...
Full article at: Online Gooner Jun 26 2014, 12:00am CDT

Update: 4

A World Cup Surprise: Arias In The Heart Of The Amazon

Source: New Hampshire Public Radio

The final World Cup game in the Brazilian city of Manaus is on Wednesday. For fans who made the trek to the jungle for games this tournament, many were rewarded by something else: seeing a centu ...
Full article at: New Hampshire Public Radio Jun 25 2014, 3:15pm CDT

Update: 3

Bondy's World Cup Diary: Flight plans, whippersnappers and Lewis' volume problem

Source: New York Daily News

When we were in the airport in Manaus the other day, somebody on the loudspeaker announced the departure of Flight No. 1. I was on Flight No. 3. I think the flight numbers went up to ...
Full article at: New York Daily News Jun 24 2014, 9:40pm CDT

Update: 2

Suarez ready to attack Switzerland


Bottom of Group E and without a point at the FIFA World Cup, Honduras can still reach the last 16. Suarezs men (0 points, -4 goal difference) need a big win over Switzerland (three, -2) and for France (six, +6) to beat Ecuador (three, 0). Knowing his team need a win and to improve their goal difference significantly, Suarez said they would attack in Manaus. We cannot win 1-0, it has to be 3-0, so we will be different than against France and Ecua ...
Full article at: Jun 24 2014, 7:52pm CDT

Update: 1

Brazil built a World Cup stadium that's impossible to find or leave

Source: SBNation

Amazon Holds Premiere For New Kids Series "Creative Galaxy" From The Creators of "Blue's Clues"
NATAL, Brazil -- Manaus sits 1700 miles from Natal, give or take. Getting back and forth from the city, deep in the heart of the Amazon, is supposed to take quite some time. It is, however, not supposed to take 41 hours, which it did for 200 United States fans. The American Outlaws had plans to fly to Manaus early Sunday morning, go to the pre-party, watch the team play Portugal and then fly straight back to Natal. That sho ...
Full article at: SBNation Jun 24 2014, 1:11pm CDT


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