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Marvel's "Guardians" Wraps Production

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Celebrity Buzz: Prince George walks, first birthday Tuesday; 50 shades of Beyonce


'Star Wars' : Extended Term At La Cite Du Cinema
  Today's pop-culture roundup includes the royals and Georgie Boy, a tribute to James Garner, a Star Wars tease, weekend box-office numbers, our mystery music video and much more. PRINCE GEORGE: First steps, as well a first birthday Tuesday, per The Insider, “Prince George is a little man on the move. Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal tot has officially mastered the art of walking ahead of his first birthday on Tuesday and the proud Bri ...
Full article at: 1 day ago, 12:08pm CDT


Update: 9

STAR WARS: Endor's Lost And Found Department

Source: Latino Review

Premiere Of Marvel's "Guardians Of The Galaxy" - Arrivals
WHAT IS THIS BLOCK OF TEXT? Hi, my name is Da7e and every Friday I write something about Star Wars. It's usually about sequel trilogy, the spin-off movies or Star Wars Rebels and occasionally, I'm the first one to write about things. Important things. Like this week: wigs.It’s been an interesting week in Star Wars: Episode VII stuff. All the best things remain unconfirmed whispers on forums and in comments sections. The production has really locked themselves down ...
Full article at: Latino Review 4 days ago, 11:05am CDT

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Apple reports $7.7 billion profit fueled by strong iPhone sales
Apple reports $7.7 billion profit fueled by strong iPhone sales
Apple's third quarter revenue is $37.4 billion - up from last year's $35.3 billion. Quarterly net profit is $7.7 billion, an increase from the previous $6.9 billion net profit.
Johnny Manziel's Jersey is NFL's Top Seller
Johnny Manziel's Jersey is NFL's Top Seller
Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel's jersey is the NFL's top seller.
Baltimore Orioles Hope Ubaldo Jimenez Returns Soon
Baltimore Orioles Hope Ubaldo Jimenez Returns Soon
The Baltimore Orioles hope starting pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez, who hasn't taken the mound since July 5 due to a sprained right ankle, can return soon.
Update: 8

Universal Dusts off Classic Monsters for New Franchise

Source: Big Government

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - Practice
Writers Alex Kurtzman ("Transformers," "Star Trek," "Amazing Spider-Man") and Chris Morgan ("Fast and Furious' series) will oversee the franchising and reboot of Universal Studios classic monsters, Deadline reports. The idea is to not only revive Dracula, The Frankenstein Monster, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Mummy, and The Wolf Man, but to create a universe that ...
Full article at: Big Government 5 days ago, 9:47am CDT

Update: 6

‘Star Wars’ Historian J.W. Rinzler AMA Highlights: Boba Fett Lives, More Archives Books on the Way

Source: slash film

'Star Wars' : Extended Term At La Cite Du Cinema
Boba Fett lives. I mean, you knew that. Despite falling into the Sarlacc pit during Return of the Jedi he managed to escape, and later showed up all over the place in the Star Wars expanded universe. He even fell into the Sarlacc again, and after getting out was best man at the wedding of the bounty hunter Dengar. Seriously. But nothing in Star Wars is canon until it ends up in a movie, The Clone Wars (or Rebels) TV show, or comes out of the mouth of George Lucas. Today ...
Full article at: slash film 6 days ago, 2:15pm CDT

Update: 5

10 of "Weird Al" Yankovic's Most Famous Fans


Hakeem Seriki, Chamillionaire, arrives f
Celebrities like Michael Jackson, George Lucas, Lady Gaga, Nirvana, Chamillionaire, Hanson and more really dig "Weird Al" Yankovic. Check out 11 of his most famous fa ...
Full article at: Jul 11 2014, 2:30am CDT

Update: 4

35 Times Obama Was Interested in a Photo Op

Source: Big Government

Guess Portrait Studio - Day 7 - 2010 Toronto International Film Festival
President Obama dismissed the idea of visiting the border on Wednesday, explaining that he wasn’t interested in photo ops while trying to solve a problem. “This is not theater. This is a problem,” he said. “I’m not interested in photo ops. I’m interested in solving a problem.” But throughout his political career, Obama has frequently participated in photo friendly events. Here are 35 of our favorites: 1. Shooti ...
Full article at: Big Government Jul 10 2014, 12:41pm CDT

Update: 3

The Word On The Street, Part II: Smile…


'Star Wars' : Extended Term At La Cite Du Cinema
(For the Love of Big Brother) As captured today on 70th Place during a sojourn from Woodside to Queens. As far as surveillance signs go— and I have been paying special attention to them of late— I give this one (on the basis of cheer alone) an enthusiastic thumbs up! What’s better more, it makes for a nice opportunity for self-promotion. I would like to share the status of my surveillance series of snow globes as there have been s ...
Full article at: Jul 9 2014, 8:55pm CDT

Update: 2

‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Set Image Confirms IMAX Scenes

Source: screen rant

The Apple Store Soho Presents Meet the Authors: J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst, "S."
When George Lucas directed Star Wars back in 1977, the franchise wasn’t yet a known entity and the movie’s budget was a paltry $11 million – an amount that, even when adjusted for inflation, is far dwarfed by the $200 million+ production budget that Star Wars: Episode VII is estimated to have. Director J.J. Abrams is no stranger to large-scale revivals of popular science fiction franchises, having directed both Star Trek and Star ...
Full article at: screen rant Jul 9 2014, 8:51am CDT

Update: 1

Watch: Retro Hour-Long PBS Special on Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy

Source: Latino Review

'Star Wars' : Extended Term At La Cite Du Cinema
With a rumor lingering that Star Wars: Episode VII could end up being delayed to 2016 (we're betting that won't happen), we're not sure how long we'll really be waiting to see the continuance of the space saga. We're not counting on a big presence at Comic-Con this year at all, but maybe the title will be revealed in San Diego just to hold fans over. In the meantime, how about a retrospective look back at the making of the original Star Wars tri ...
Full article at: Latino Review Jul 3 2014, 4:05pm CDT


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