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Samsung battles on two fronts as Apple readies iPhone 6

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While some of us might fail to believe that Samsung is losing its ground in the mobile industry, it is true that it is facing a downwards bump because of the cheaper Chinese alternatives and ...

Jul 16 2014, 11:04am CDT

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Update: 10

Oculus Rift DK2's 1080p visuals are provided by a Galaxy Note 3 display

Source: Tech Radar

The display within the second Oculus Rift developer headset was lifted directly from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, according to reports on Thursday. An iFixit breakdown of the Oculus DK2 showed the VR company had used the exact 5.7-inch AMOLED panel from the Note 3 in order to feed a 1080p images to each eye. Oculus is also overclocking the display to run at a higher refresh rate according to the report. The display, which hides w ...
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Update: 9

LG's 65-inch Ultra HD 4K OLED TV is more affordable, but still expensive

Source: Tech Radar

4K Ultra HD televisions released to date have had the same Achille's heel: They're all made from LED LCD panels, but LG is coming to rescue OLED lovers with a TV set that's still too doggone expensive for most of us.HD Guru managed to get the lowdown this week on pricing and availability for the LG 65EC9700, a 65-inch Ultra HD 4K television set the Korean manufacturer first unveiled at the Consumer ...
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Update: 8

New Samsung TV is perfect for bedroom viewing


With its superb performance and attractive price, this TV comes highly recommended.         ...
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Update: 6

Don't bother shopping around for your contact lenses

Source: Market Place

 The other day, an email came in from a big online contact lens store that said, starting Aug. 1, we can all forget about getting a deal on the most popular contact lenses.   What’s happening is something called unilateral pricing. Johnson & Johnson, which makes the top-selling Acuvue brand, is joining other manufacturers, like Alcon and Bausch & Lomb, in telling eye doctors, big box retailers and online stores that they can’t ...
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Update: 5

Man survives getting shot after his massive Samsung Galaxy Mega stops the bullet

Source: BGR

Samsung has a new way to market its gigantic phablets — they're now apparently able to take a bullet for you. 9to5Google points us to a story in Chinese website AppleDaily that describes how a man survived getting shot because the bullet happened to strike his enormous Galaxy Mega 6.3 ph ...
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Update: 4

Samsung will ditch plastic for 'new materials' on a 2014 phone

Source: Tech Radar

Samsung will break the mold this year and release a non-plastic phone, bucking a trend it's established over several years of cheap-feeling Galaxy devices.Not that Samsung's phones have actually been cheap, or of poor quality, but their plastic chassis have sometimes made them feel that way.No doubt that hasn't helped the Korean firm in its battles with competitors like HTC, which has taken to using metal on flagships like the HTC O ...
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Update: 3

Samsung execs will be dancing in the streets if the iPhone 6 gets delayed until October

Source: BGR

The iPhone 6 has been largely anticipated to debut mid-September, much like iPhone 5c and 5s, which arrived on September 20th last year. But this week, it suddenly started looking like the iPhone 6's debut may be pushed to October 20th. There are several reasons why th ...
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Update: 2

Samsung’s outrageous bendable TV goes on sale in Korea for $34,000

Source: Digital Trends

Samsung's spectacular bendable TV has made its way to the public, going on sale in Korea starting August 1st. The slightly smaller version of a concept TV unveiled at CES, the 78-inch UN78S9B offers automated flexibility, and will cost a reported $34,000. The post Samsung’s outrageous bendable TV goes on sale in Korea for $34, ...
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Update: 1

Apple Built An Online Highway For Your Downloads — And It's Massive (AAPL)

Source: Business Insider

Apple has built up a massive internet infrastructure that will allow seamless software and content downloads, according to GigaOM's Kif Leswing. The system, called a content delivery network (CDN), is reportedly much larger than what Apple currently needs, a sign the company is positioning itself to deliver rich, high-definition content to users down the road. It will also make Apple's future softwar ...
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