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Apple has apparently solved its 5.5-inch iPhone 6 battery problem

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Update: 10

Tall Ships To Preview Second LP At Small Shows

Source: Clash Music

Which is GOOD NEWS for happy people...Everyone has their own pick-me-up LP, right? Perhaps even a few: those albums that you can stick on and immediately feel elated. One relatively recent collection of such impression for me is Tall Ships' debut of 2012, ‘Everything Touching’. As recently as earlier this month I was tweeting about it: There are people who've never been lifted up and hugged by the @tallshipsmusic album. Help t ...
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Update: 9

Apple Using Diagnostic Services That Allow Personal Data to be Extracted, Says Expert

Source: IBTimes UK

Anti-Apple Protest In San Francisco, California
An expert has alleged that Apple was using a technique that could be used to extract personal data from iPhones. ...
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Curt Schilling's Son Gehrig Overcomes Anorexia
Curt Schilling's Son Gehrig Overcomes Anorexia
Curt Schilling's 19-year-old son Gehrig overcame a notorious eating disorder, anorexia, through baseball.
First Mad Max Fury Road Trailer debuts at Comic-Con
First Mad Max Fury Road Trailer debuts at Comic-Con
Watch the first trailer of the highly anticipated new Mad Max movie.
Quentin Tarantino Explains Projects at Comic Con 2014
Quentin Tarantino Explains Projects at Comic Con 2014
The famous director, Quentin Tarantino explained facts related to some of his projects for the future at the Comic Con 2014.
Update: 8

Premiere: Hyde & Beast - 'Keep Moving'

Source: Clash Music

Christina Aguilera And The Futureheads Visit Sirius XM Studio
Interactive album stream...There’s an old saying that the minute the drummer starts writing songs, then a band should call it quits. But Hyde & Beast started primarily because two drummers started writing their own material. Dave Hyde (of Futureheads fame) and Neil Bassett (of Golden Virgins) paired up a couple of years back to work on a joint album, released under the snappy Hyde & Beast moniker. Well received, the two took time out earl ...
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Update: 6

Soft Walls - No Time

Source: Clash Music

Enthusiasts Enjoy Comic Con In The Midlands
A deliciously diffused, shimmering, summery psyche salad...Taking time out from running his own label, Faux Discx, and playing in the band Cold Pumas, Brighton-based lazy boy Dan Reeves has released his second solo effort. Where his eponymous debut as (The) Soft Walls, released in the summer of 2012, was an endearingly hasty but emotionally immediate affair, recorded directly onto a computer, here, he’s made ...
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Update: 5

10 Apple and Android apps for international students

Source: eCampus News

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos s
As most of you know, and likely even remember yourselves, making the transition to the college lifestyle can be a major adjustment. That’s why we’ve compiled the 10 best Apple and Android apps for international students—a population that’s quickly accounting for a large group within incoming and transfer students.The post 10 Apple and Android apps for international students appeared first on eCampus ...
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Update: 4

Track Of The Day 28/7 - Seafret

Source: Clash Music

Give Me SomethingThere’s something moving, something unmistakably chilling about Seafret. The rising duo – still unfathomably young – are rooted in acoustic fare, songcraft which sounds both deeply traditional and immediately fresh.  Hailing from the North East town of Bridlington, the pair took their name from the summer fog which rolls in off the North Sea. Grounded in the North yet currently living in London, Seafret’s music has an odd sense of ...
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Update: 3

Why Leading Experts Are Turning To Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Source: Experience Project

Chanelle Hayes Photocall
Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss. The fat burning zone has never been shown in a study to be more effective for fat loss than any other type o ...
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Update: 2

Swatch plans to produce a fitness-focused smartwatch by 2015

Source: Neowin

Anti-Apple Protest In San Francisco, California
After the company denied any involvement with Apple's upcoming 'iWatch', the CEO of Swatch reveals that they aim to produce their own fitness-focused smartwatch by the beginni ...
Full article at: Neowin 40 minutes ago

Update: 1

Clash Reviews The Singles (Of July 28)

Source: Clash Music

Dawes With Conor Oberst In Concert - Nashville, Tennessee
Lykke Li falls over in a car park...Quite often some marvellous musician type fills in here. But, today, you’re stuck with me. Sorry. - - - Lykke Li – ‘Gunshot’ “I am longing for your poison / Like a cancer for its prey.” ‘Gunshot’ isn’t a song for the smiley, happy people in pop, but in its chorus Lykke Li at least lets a little light shine in. It’s essential – in another’s less-able hands, this would be a song so bleak it’d block out the most tropical sun. Quite the s ...
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