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Mixamo animations released for free to UE4 subscribers

Mixamo has made a number of its character animations available free for Unreal Engine 4 subscribers on the UE4 marketplace.The firm has released 15 ready-to-use characters and seven animations to the store. Available animations include walk, run, shoot, sword, idle, jump and run jump.“We’re extremely excited to have our animations included in Epic Games’ growing Marketplace,” said Mixamo CEO ...
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PowerVR in action: Bringing console quality graphics to mobile

How have you adapted your technology for the mobile market?Codemasters has always beenplatform-agnostic and our core tech for the past generation – the Ego game technology platform – was designed and built to deliver optimum performance across console and PC platforms. A new generation of Ego is now being developed for the new consoles, high-end PC and now mobile too. F1 Race Stars ...
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Scaling up an indie studio

Freejam is a new UK studio formed by five developers from studios such as Climax, all working on free-to-play multiplayer PC game Robocraft.The title has now surpassed one million registered players, and as a result the young studio has brought in eight new team members as they scale up their operations, with four new developers and four language students from a local university joining.Moving from a small indie team focused on makin ...
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VIDEO: Stafford Bawler at An Audience With... Audio Game-Changers

 This week's An Audience With... Audio Game-Changers kicked off with a presentation by freelance sound designer Stafford Bawler, the man behind the soundscape of the seminal Monument Valley. During his talk – which you can watch in full below – Bawler discussed the iterative process he and developer Ustwo Games went through to define the unique audio of the million-selling puzzle platformer. He also reflected on his previous ...
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Indie god game Maia makes more than $1m

Crowdfunded Steam Early Access god game Maia has made more than $1m for indie developer Simon Roth.Speaking to Develop, Roth said the money includes the £140,000 raised through Kickstarter in November 2012, the $11,000 funding from Indiegogo, direct sales from his website and purchases of the Steam Early Access release.The developer is now in the process of setting up a new company in Oxford called Machine Studios.Roth said the new name would be ...
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Develop Live: Call for speakers ends today

Today is your last chance to submit a talk for our inaugural Develop Live conference in Scotland this October. Develop Live is the first conference arranged by the team behind this very website and its magazine, and will take place in Edinburgh on October 2nd, 2014. We are, obviously, working on a few special sessions behind the scenes, but we'd like to give developers the chance to take part by submitting a speaker ...
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Open beta for Sony's game streaming service PlayStation Now kicks off today

Sony's streaming games service PlayStation Now will enter a period of open beta in the US and Canada later today.The service is for the time being restricted to PS3 titles. PS Now services will be integrated into the PlayStation Store, with users able to pay tiered amounts for rental access for either four hours (which will cost $1.99), seven days, 30 days or 90 days.Sony has also confirmed that a subscription option will be offered in the future.Over ...
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Koch Media opens UK studio and acquires Homefront IP

Deep Silver parent company Koch Media has acquired the Homefront IP and opened new UK developer Dambuster Studios.Staff who were working from on Homefront at Crytek's Nottingham studio will form the new company. Develop has sought clarification on Deep Silver's new permament presence in the UK and what it means for Crytek UK.Staff at the UK developer had recently missed a number of payments due to financial problems at Crytek, and it was ...
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Mastertronic files for company voluntary arrangement

Mastertronic has filed for a company voluntary arrangement in an effort to clear its debts, Develop can reveal.The CVA was formally sent to all the longstanding publisher’s creditors on July 25th. A creditors’ meeting will be held on August 11th to put the deal to a vote. A CVA is an insolvency procedure that can be used by a a company that is insolvent or is strugging to pay its debts to pay creditors over a fixed period. Should credtiros agree, the firm can cont ...
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'The hardest year of our life'

It’s been a tough year at Mastertronic. Really tough. We could see and feel the onset of the 38 degrees effect; you know - that point at which avalanches begin. We knew that the business models we had been supporting were becoming unsustainable for us and some of our partners. The stress in the market is everywhere; indeed, every day we read about another studio, publisher, retailer or service company r ...
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