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The Originals Season 2: First Footage!

Which of our parents do we kill first? The CW has unveiled the first extended trailer for The Originals Season 2 - and the footage makes it clear that the First Family of New Orleans will be facing more trouble than ever. Hayley is on the bloody war path. Klaus is battling with Mikael. Rebekah is telling a freaky bedtime story to Hayley. And the entire group is trying to pretend as if the little girl is dead. "We talked a lo ...
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We Still Coming: Viral Wedding Text Exposed as Hoax, But Real Story is Almost as Good

The viral story of a wedding invite a bride accidentally texted to a stranger who showed up anyway to crash the thing has been revealed as a hoax. The wedding photo is real and the real story behind it is pretty darn good, though. This Instagram text exchange between newlywed "Kristen" and a stranger who told the bride, "We still coming," was made up by some random web user. That user based on this real photo of the wedding ...
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Gisele Bundchen: No Makeup! No PANTS!

Gisele Bundchen did not require any makeup or pants for her latest modeling campaign, which makes it an automatic win as far as her fans are concerned. At least those fans who work here. The 34-year-old supermodel gets super sexy, but also laid back, in images for Sonia Rykiel taken by the legendary photographer Juergen Teller. Her natural beauty? Stunning. The inspiration for this unusual setup for Bundchen? None other than Rykiel herself, ...
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Joan Rivers Defends Israel, Disses Selena Gomez in EPIC Rant!

While most 81-year-old celebrities are retiring from public life or riding out the final years of their careers while carefully avoiding controversies that might tarnish their legacy, Joan Rivers has been ruffling more feathers than ever lately, and whether you love or hate her, you've gotta admit it's been entertaining. Joan's recent tirades are too numerous to list here, but highlights include Rivers accusing Miley C ...
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Nicki Minaj Decries Double Booty Standard, Wonders Why Her Ass is "UNACCEPTABLE"

Nicki Minaj and her buttocks are all over the Internet at the moment, as the singer unveiled the cover art for Anaconda, which features Minaj squatting in a G-string. It's quite revealing. But it's also quite unnerving for Minaj, who isn't happy with the way she's been received online. The artist took to Instagram last night and posted multiple photos of models such as Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge striking similar sexy poses, with Mina ...
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Pippa Middleton: ALMOST Engaged to Nico Jackson!

Kate Middleton's little sister Pippa Middleton and Nico Jackson are on the brink of getting engaged, or so says an alleged insider quoted by Life & Style. Pippa, who dutifully carried big sister Kate’s cathedral-length train during the royal wedding in April 2011, may soon hear wedding bells herself. We've heard this before, however. Pippa and Nico Jackson, a stockbroker she's dated for two years, h ...
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George R.R. Martin Wins Comic Con With Hilarious Khaleesi Photo!

George R.R. Martin is something of a god in the nerd world, so it stands to reason that he's in attendance at at Comic Con 2014, currently being held in San Diego. Martin clearly has no problem pissing off fans when it comes to things like killing off characters, or taking freakin' forever to wrap up a story, but when a young Game of Thrones devotee approaches him with a hilarious request, GRRM is apparently happy to oblige. The dude in the foreground is a Re ...
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Jennette McCurdy Rants: I Am Not a Role Model!

Nearly two weeks after Nickelodeon canceled Sam & Cat, star Jennette McCurdy has gone off on an epic rant via Reddit on a number of topics. "I am not a role model," begins the missive from the 22-year-old actress. "I don't claim to be, I don't try to be, and I don't want to be." "There was a time when I tried to live up to the aggrandizing title, that pedestal of a thing... I thought I was supposed to, so I gave it my best shot. ...
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15 Photos of This Dude Dressed Up as Young, Female Celebs (#11 Will Disturb You)

So there's an Instagram user  named Liam who dresses up like young, female celebrities. The 17-year-old goes all out with this pastime, and he nails it. Posing exactly like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Kylie and Kendall Jenner and many others while drawing upon them for fashion inspiration, Liam's photos are ... We don't even know what to say. They speak for themselves: Guy Dresses Up as Young Female Celebs 1. Kendall and Kylie Jenner Ins ...
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Meghan McCain Turns Down The View?

Rumors that Meghan McCain would be joining The View as the panel discussion show's resident Republican have been circulating for weeks now. We recently reported that Meghan and Leah Remini were the front-runners to fill the vacant fifth seat at the roundtable, with McCain being slightly favored by producers. Now it looks as though the job may be Leah's by default, as Meghan has reportedly turned down an of ...
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