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Some Things Should Be Banned from the Internet of Things

Prince Charles Visits Sony UK Technology Centre
Connecting refrigerators to the Web -- what cou ...
Full article at: NextGov 5 hours ago, 3:59pm CDT

Congressional IP Address Blocked from Making Edits to Wikipedia

General Views Of "The Block" At South Yarra
The IP address, which could be used by a number of different people, will be blocked for the next ten ...
Full article at: NextGov 7 hours ago, 2:47pm CDT

Census Rethinks How It Presents Its Many Data Points

Haus Private Preview Party
Bureau asks the private sector for help and solu ...
Full article at: NextGov 7 hours ago, 2:16pm CDT

Cloud Computing Stymies Digital Forensics Investigations

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Speech At The Science Museum
Investigators sift through bits and bytes to solve crimes but cloud present ...
Full article at: NextGov 8 hours ago, 12:55pm CDT

Committee Skeptical of Extra VA Funding, Citing Ballooning Staff Size

Hot Air Balloons Take To The Skies For The European Balloon Festival
The size of the VA health staff has jumped more than tenfold since the mid-1990s ...
Full article at: NextGov 9 hours ago, 11:58am CDT

No New VA Patient Scheduling System Until 2016

Current system in use since 2002 ...
Full article at: NextGov 10 hours ago, 11:51am CDT

Anti-Surveillance Camouflage for Your Face

Artificial Intelligence Drone runs U.S. Navy Sea Trials
In a world of increasingly sophisticated facial-recognition technology, a drastic technique can throw the machines off ...
Full article at: NextGov 10 hours ago, 11:35am CDT

Why the NSA Keeps Tracking People Even After They're Dead

A newly disclosed government rule book reveals just how easy it is to get placed on a terrorist watch list—and how difficult it can be to get taken off. ...
Full article at: NextGov 11 hours ago, 9:55am CDT

'Let Me Google That for You'—Now a Congressional Bill

Prince Charles Visits Sony UK Technology Centre
A new bill -- and the Internet -- could kill a small agency ...
Full article at: NextGov 13 hours ago, 8:36am CDT

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